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    2019 Brazil Carnival Parade Costume Trends. Divas, Queens and Muses! What's their pick?

    Posted on 08 April 2020

    The year of 2019 in the samba world was a great one since 2018 brought so many new trends and inspirations in the costume world. The divas, queens and muses spend months in advance closely working with their favorite carnival designers. They knew exactly what ultimately looked best on their bodies. They have a theme, a body and big budget. Sometimes these budgets are quite high, and their celebrity are at stake. Every reporter in the world that are on the samba parade floor are clicking them. Some muses or divas can become the samba school's next year's drum queens, and get to the top. It's a tough competition for beauty and celebrity clicks. So let's see what they picked! We had so much fun summarizing what we think was the catching trend for that year, and years to come in costume making.

    We invite you to get inspired! We thank G1 photos and we credit them accordingly below.

    Above Brazilian actress Juliana Paes - Photo: Marcos Serra Lima / G1. Juliana is cheering up the drummers in a beautiful terra cotta/soft pink color costume with an ombré goat's beard. Her nude open one piece has a high rise cut and very low bikini bottom front cut.
    So let's take a close look at what these gorgeous ladies used. Let's see what creative ideas their designer executed. As you know we can execute any look you see in the blog and adapt to your budget and inspiration. We can't copy, but we can come pretty close to the idea and trend that you love.
    Above celebrity Sabrina Sato, concentrating to get ready and enter the avenue in a overly decorated gem-like one piece and rhinestone gladiator to match her costume. She was the drum queen at the Gaviões da Fiel at the São Paulo samba school. Beautiful inspiration on the ethnic royal outfits. In contrast the designer added a hot pink royal pheasant back piece with a spiky artificial feather on the base of the wings.
    Below are some trends that were definitely inspired from the 2018 costumes and were more evident in 2019. We added the link from our store on some words below if you wish to explore what products we can create.
    Multicultural, royal and regal ethnic inspirations
    Rainbow and vibrant colored back wings
    Costumes with one main color theme 
    Headpieces with no feathers. As beautiful as they were, the feathers were not present in so many creations. The highlight was on the costume, the face, the body.
    Face framed headpieces, snug on the face.
    High cut one pieces
    Low rise bikini bottom cut
    Nude embellished one pieces
    Futuristic inspirations and details like on shoulders.
    Over sized shoulder pieces
    Highlight on the bust area with geometric, strappy, bandage cuts and lines
    Long and tall matching decorated Gladiators and boots
    Metallic materials. Gold or Silver.
    Goat's Beard material for back wings
    Angel style wings, mostly flared downwards using pheasants.
    Artificial Feathers mixed with prime feathers
    Swarovski & rhinestones encrusted bikinis for the more expensive costumes

       Above Queen Raissa Machado, Drum Queen of Viradouro samba school. Notice the all metallic gold elements and voluminous goat's beard back piece. Wonder Woman would love that.

      A diva at the Viradouro Samba School with an all gold & nude costume, intricate and delicate beading, high rise one piece in a dark tone nude color to match her skin color. She has a natural color goat's beard lower back piece that matches her costume.

      Muse of Acadêmicos do Sossego in an all white strappy bikini. We love the natural ombré goat's beard back piece and iconic headpiece. Big over sized cuffs empowers this muse to show how fierce they are!

      Above, Queen of Império Serrano, Quitéria Chagas. Photo Marcos Serra Lima / G1. She has an all white costume, with futuristic shoulder details, delicate and embroidered one piece. Huge tall heart shaped back wings! Dangling beading on the side hip was a trend from 2018 that was carried over in 2019.

      Lívia Andrade, Queen of Drums of Império de Casa Verde. Photo: Fábio Tito/G1. This costume was inspired in princess Leia from Star Wars. Notice the high cut one piece, over sized shoulder piece and over the knees vinyl boots.

      Above Anny Santos, Queen of Alegria da Zona Sul samba school. Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/G1. Anny has a strappy high cut one piece in black and white, with abundant white pheasant back piece. Her headpiece has very little feathers in contrast with the luxurious abundant pheasant back piece. The back piece white back ground served in a way to showcase her beautiful costume! That's a trend we have been seeing for the past year.

      Above Rosana Faria, Queen of Drums of Unidos da Ponte samba school. Rosana is all white, with off white pheasants and delicate embroidered long sleeve very high cut one piece. Notice again no feathers on the headpiece. The reason why they do that could be to give focus to the body says the experts, and it's easier and lighter to samba dance with less weight on the head. Typically in parades they invest in back pieces rather than headpieces feathers — Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/G1

      Above Queen of Drums Egili Oliveira from Renascer de Jacarepaguá samba school. She is parading with a gorgeous high cut white embellished crossed trikini in white and black rhinestone beads with a over sized back piece in royal pheasants on the colors off white, white and black.

      Celebrity Diva Antonia Fontenelle parades at Império Serrano Samba School. She has a gorgeous high rise very embellished nude one piece with jeweled colors emerald/silver/white accents. Antonia uses artificial feathers on her back piece and head piece, deciding not to use real feathers, a big trend coming — Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/G1

      Another trend that we noticed was the multicolored pheasant back wings in a downward angel wing style, forming a heart shape design. Notice the endless tiny sprinkled rhinestones on the back wing. This muse has a very high cut bikini bottom and a gem like decorated bolero style with strappy arm sleeves. Again, no feathers on the headpiece, the focus is on the body and wings.

      Above we see Mônica Nascimento, Queen of Drums of Acadêmicos da Rocinha samba school, with a colorful rainbow like back piece, dancing under the rain. Mônica has a delicate very high cut long sleeve one piece and colorful embellished gladiators — Photo: Marcos Serra Lima / G1

      Above beauty Michelly Boechat, muse of Unidos da Ponte samba school is parading with a high cut look. The colorful purple and dark pink wings and matching gladiators was a trend in 2019. Color! Color! Color! — Photo: Rodrigo Gorosito / G1.

      Beautiful muse in an all "Brazil flag green" costume and royal luxurious pheasant wings. We love the strappy bikini top and bikini bottom with beaded dangling straps. The decorated shoulder piece on the back wings empowers her even more!

      Passistas section from Império Serrano samba school. This muse is wearing a high cut one piece open trikini, over sized shoulder piece and cap style headpiece with hair detail to be shown and pulled upward. We love the zebra style pheasants in green to match her costume! — Photo: Rodrigo Gorosito/G1 

      Above beautiful Pâmella Gomes, Queen of Drums of Tom Maior Samba School. She is using a beautiful gold/nude princess high cut two pieces corset like costume. Her majestic peacock back piece speaks for itself. — Photo: Fabio Tito/G1

      Above Flávia Lyra, muse of Imperatriz Leopoldinense samba school — Even on a rainy night she paraded gloriously in an all natural and gold look. Her natural "lady" pheasants back piece was majestic even drenched in water. We love the gold futuristic tubular detail of the portion where the feathers starts on the back piece shoulder piece. -- Photo: Marcos Serra Lima/G1.

      Above beauty Julianne Trevisol is the muse of the Grande Rio samba school —She has a bold red zebra pheasant feather back wing and headpiece and animal print inspired bikini costume with over sized shoulder pieces. Notice again the over sized shoulder piece-- Photo: Rodrigo Gorosito/G1

      Above a gorgeous dancer with an all gold/nude bandage like costume, tons of dangling straps and nude/gold embellishments. Her long luxurious pheasant wings are majestic! We love the super decorated gladiators matching the costume.

      We hope you enjoyed a sneak peak of these beautiful samba muses, queens and divas that inspire us. We are thankful to the samba designers, they are the true talent behind these costumes and their crew, working day and night to bring these gems for us to appreciate and share. We thank the photographers for impeccable great quality photos from G1 newspaper.


      Maria Flynn

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