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    You must see our exclusive YouTube Channel with Samba Videos made by us!!

    Posted on 15 May 2015

    Brazil Carnival Ooah™ channel video is the première Brazilian Carnival channel on You Tube. If you want to learn about Samba dance, Carnival Parades, Brazilian Celebrities, see new Carnival Costumes, Carnival Backstage scenes, this is it! Through exclusive videos filmed and edited in Rio de Janeiro, you will understand a bit more of the Brazil´s Carnival culture.You may find our channel at our main home page of our shop BrazilCarnivalShop page!


    5 carnival playlists were created to facilitate your research on popular aspects, such as Best Carnival Costumes, Carnival Music Playlist, Brazilian Carnival Interviews, and “Brazilian Samba Drums”.

    The samba-schools are also presented on this authentic ´Carnaval´ channel. Structures of the parades are explained, as example Opening Wings, Flag Bearers, amazing Carnival Floats, Samba songs, and innovative samba rhythms.

      and share the samba passion!

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