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    Meet Ellen Roche, a Diva, a Muse, our eternal Samba Queen !!

    Posted on 24 October 2015

    Ellen Roche is another beautiful Brazilian actress and model also present at the Brazilian festivity.   We will see on this article photos, video and history and the muse. Ellen started to parade in 2000 at the Sao Paulo Sambadrome, and believes this grandiose festivity is an excellent way to maintain her body, soul and spirit energized.  The Brazilian muse established herself in the entertainment business in Sao Paulo, and for this reason decided to join Rosas de Ouro Samba School.  At first, she would parade just like any regular merry-maker, at the Sambadrome runaway.   Later, the astonishing actress would become the Queen of Drums for Rosas de Ouro Samba-School, one of the most traditional samba-schools in Sao Paulo.

    Please see her video at the end of this page!

    Below a fanstastic photo of the muse by JB Neto, when Ellen was getting ready for the technical rehearsal in 2009.



    Ellen was always enchanted by the luxurious costumes seen at the parades, the vibes and emotional thrill of the Brazilian Carnaval.  Ellen states: "It is important to enjoy and give the deserved value to the good things in life.   Of course it is essential to have responsibility, but it is also important to live for today without thinking too much about tomorrow.”   As the Drum Queen, one of the most disputed posts in Carnaval, Ellen emphasizes the importance of having a true connection with the percussionists and the samba-school community she is representing.  

    Ellen constantly participates at the samba-rehearsals, and all other backstage events scheduled by Rosas de Ouro Samba School.

    Below we can see why the beauty was confirmed in 2010 again as Queen of Drums Section: She has energy and samba passion.  A great photo by Eduardo Lopes from Sao Paulo.

    When asked to disclose some of her tricks to shine during Carnaval, she recommends a “balanced diet and exercises”.  The beauty says the entire carnival routine is ideal to lose weight, since samba-dancing is very energy consuming.   She also told us another secret to help maintain her dazzling beauty and avoid toxins:   She drinks two cups of purple grape juice every day, one in the morning and one at night.  This marvelous Brazilian beauty is a perfect example as to how Carnaval can also be of great help when establishing a healthy life.

    In 2010, Ellen Roche was confirmed again as the Queen of Drum for Rosas de Ouro Samba-School!  Congratulations Ellen for your great samba skills and carnaval passion!  Your presence brings light to this marvelous show!  Keep on with Carnaval!

    Below, the astonishing Ellen Roche in Video from the 2007 carnival.  Her persistence has payed off: in 2010 Rosas de Ouro was champion of the São Paulo Carnival and she enjoyed a tremendous success.





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