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    Cohesion Criteria - Parade Criterion

    Posted on 31 January 2019

    Another judging criterion for the Rio do Janeiro Carnaval parade contests we would like to detail is called Conjunto. We have translated conjunto to parade ‘cohesion’ to facilitate text comprehension. In this carnaval parade contest criterion, samba-schools are evaluated by their ability to present themselves in a uniform manner throughout the runway. The parade cohesion must be present in all aspects of the carnaval parade, such as dramatic, musical and visual. Carnaval parade experts point out another qualifying aspect within this criterion: the overall artistic synchronization. If any of these aspects are not observed, the samba-school will definitely not reach a perfect score of 10.00 by the Carnaval parade judging panel.

    On other terms, the global and general view of the samba-school parade organization is also taken into account. All sections and wings of the samba-school parade are analyzed, such as the Baianas wing, the energetic Bateria, and Comissão de frente – Opening Section. Nothing can be ignored. Meticulous attention should be made in the following aspects of the samba parade: sequence, unity, coordination and cohesion. Likewise the Evolution criterion, blank spaces may severely damage the samba-school´s scores for this criterion.

    The criterion is so important that  that even if a samba-school produces majestic floats, presents a great parade theme, and sings with great enthusiasm, but roughly coordinates the sections and wings, the entire parade could be jeopardized. Finally, this criterion is closely related to two other criteria: Evolução – parade evolution and parade harmony – Harmonia.

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