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    The largest YouTube Channel Devoted to Brazilian Carnival

    Posted on 31 March 2020

    Brazil Carnival Ooah™ channel is the largest YouTube channel on the world devoted to the Brazilian Carnival. We have over 63 thousand subscribers and 28 million total videos views. We would love for you to subscribe and get to know more about our culture. Are you a samba dancer and want to be showcased on our channel? Send us a message and we will promote your video at no cost!





    We spent years collecting original samba carnival videos, from carnival costumes, to samba rehearsals. For sure, there is a video you will watch and share. Below is one of our most popular videos. "10 Carnival Costumes For Woman: Glamorous Outfits For Samba Parade" with gorgeous costume inspirations!

    If you want to learn about Samba dance, get new ideas for samba choreography, Carnival Parades, Brazilian Celebrities, see new Carnival Costumes, Carnival Backstage scenes, this is it! Through exclusive videos filmed and edited in Rio de Janeiro, you will understand a bit more of the Brazil´s Carnival culture and samba personalities.

    We have many categories and playlist for you to browse, and some videos seems to be more popular than others. The "Top 5 Brazilian Dance Live Presentations: 5 Rio Dancers" had over 1.5 million views.

    Need some new samba dance routines? We have many videos to choose from. One of our most popular is the "Samba Dance Competition Winners & Dancing Rooutines", with over 5 million views as below:

    We created a great playlist for you to choose from. You might want to check out some samba routines, watch some beautiful carnival floats, or listen to amazing samba drummers.

    We are very careful in our creation of videos, trying to show to the world the different micro cultures of the Brazilian Carnival. Many think Carnival in Brazil is only about parades, but we try to show elements that are part of this entire community, which includes Samba Dancing, Samba contests, Samba Drumming, the Flag Bearers, samba-schools, rehearsals, amazing Carnival Floats, the Carnival Queens, Carnival Divas, new samba rhythms, Interviews, exclusive backstage, and much more.

    We also love to cover our customers and samba friends when they are in Rio. Here we see Tania Daley Samba Queen at Viradouro's Official Quadra Rehearsal. The World Salsa, Bachata and Chicago Samba Champion paraded in a beautiful float at the legendary Unidos do Viradouro Samba School. Her samba routines and energy helped Viradouro win their Second Championship. The samba school won its first title in 1997 and paraded again this year with perfection. Tania took part in both rehearsals at the samba school premises and also the street rehearsals (ensaios de rua). Samba dance rehearsals are perfect opportunities for samba lovers to fine-tune their routines, learn the samba theme ( "samba enredo") and mingle with the local community.

    Do you love Drumming? We have many videos to choose from, click the link, raise your volume and enjoy! Below is a great video "Incredible Street Carnival Drumming: Batucada at it's Best:

    Love to watch those samba floats at the Carnaval Parade? Rio Carnival Floats have always been admired by artists all over the world by their finish perfection & intrinsic engineering!. Here can see their backstage! This is definitely one of the largest Rio carnival floats we have ever filmed and witnessed. It probably has 30 meters long, adorned with rich and detailed sculptures and handcraft:

    We hope you enjoyed a small preview of our YouTube channel. Subscribe now and share the samba passion!

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