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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

Artificial Feathers Made in Brazil

What are artificial feathers? Well you might think that by looking at the word, they are feathers who look and feel like real feathers right? Well, not in Brazil. Artificial feathers are specially used in carnival parade costumes in big or small quantities as an accent or back wings for example. Some artificial feathers when seen from far away in a parade looks just like the real feather. That's the beauty of it!
Some artificial feathers are custom made to match a theme, a costume or a float. We got extremely happy when we were contacted to sell these artificial feathers, specially because they are made in Brazil, and hand made.
Below you will see examples of how they are used in parades and costumes.
Artificial feathers can also be used alone in headpieces, in back wings, arm wings or in between real feathers as an accents. It gives a different dimension and shine to the costume, an effect that a real feather cannot achieve.
It's all up to your imagination!
Artificial feathers in Brazil are made of fabric or acetate, usually covered in glitter or paint. The shape and form in general terms reminds you of a feather and it is attached to thin skewers. Some styles includes streams of acetate, fiber skewers and fabric or thin foam design.
These artificial feathers are then applied to the costume. If you need a special design, base color or specific length, do not hesitate in contacting us.