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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.


We noticed around the local gyms many of our samba friends using the most beautiful workout gear. They looked very "Brazil", with a different design, unusual patterns and a overall look that is inherited as "Brazilan"...so we scouted the best merchandise to reflect what these girls are using in Brazil.
Hope you enjoy them, they are truly beautiful and comfortable!
We offer a line of exclusive products made in Brazil ​​with high quality workout fabrics and designs.
Our patterns are developed to shape the body contour and enhance the feminine silhouette.
Our collection of fitness clothing consists of leggings, fuseau pants, overalls or body suits, tops, cropped shirts, skorts, skirts, shorts, and shirts.
All 100% Brazilian workout gear! 
The collection is composed of Supplex a light fabric, a dry fit fabric textured; and fabrics with polyamide composition, considered the best existing on the market.