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Samba is our passion... made in Brazil.

Custom Decorated Shoes

Here you will find a selection of our most decorated samba shoes. We can decorate any samba shoes but we decided to make a collection of the ones we have decorated before. Generally speaking all our samba shoes can be decorated to match your specific outfit. Our carnival designers are master artisan on this trade. Always contact us prior to an order so that we can check availability and schedule with our shoe designers. The same shoe maker artisan is not the same person who will decorate the shoes. One is a shoe maker and the other is a carnival designer that understands design by looking at your costume and creates a beautiful decorated shoe. They take in consideration your costume, the stones design and the colors to be used.

The decoration of shoes are done in Brazil with quality stones and craftsmanship. What we love about this trade is that our designers have a high understanding of the samba business. They know what works and what does not work in respect to what materials to use. They have unique understanding of Brazilian costume making, and their ideas and creativity are in our opinion one of the best in the world. Please take into consideration that the process of decorating shoes takes a bit longer since the shoes have to made and that takes 30 days or less, then shipped to the designer (and not always they live in the same state), then we need to wait until shoes are completed. Designers will give us their schedule depending on their current work load. But generally speaking let's assume at least 40-60 days for the completion start to finish.