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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

Product Image Brazil Costume Dance Samba Crystal Shine Amarelo e Verde

Brazil Costume Dance Samba Crystal Shine Amarelo e Verde

$ 260.00 USD

We have so much request for samba dancewear that reflects much of the Brazilian colors and culture. So we scouted this great samba show outfit that has Brazil written all over it! This dance piece has the nice bright colors to really stand out in stage that screams fun, colored and samba wear.

This outfit has Lycra ciret, a more lustrous Lycra fabric, with polyester lace and shantons crystals in green, yellow, silver and silver star strass brooche hand sewn. The outfit has an easy tie-back closure on the neck and back shoulders and a booty short covered elegantly in lawyers by the yellow with and off white lace skirt, all in one piece. The carnival designer used a lime-bright green in contrast with the yellow to scream fun fun fun!

For this show piece a more generous use of strass and shanton acrylic stones was used in the center of the body and going up towards the bust line. Note that the designer used a flower crystal pattern throughout the cluster of stones. We love the excess of sparkle in yellow and silver and just a small amount of green acrylic and stone crystals was used. A perfect balance! The designer used a yellow and white lace, that in contrast with the green or yellow base, had a fun & even more colorful look. They applied stones in the center of the flowered lace; so nicely done! 

 **It takes from 2-4 weeks to make this costume plus shipping time to your country, please plan according to your schedule! If we can make it in a less amount of time, we will email you right away after the costume is ordered. We understand you need this right away and we will work with our designer to deliver your costumes on time! We do accept rush orders, please email us so we can quote the designers and their team!

We will ship each costume from its country of origin. Please email us with you shipping address. We will send you a final payment after the costume is ready with the correct shipping price. Each receiving country might have import restrictions, pelase email us at info@brazilcarnivalshop.com

Each costume is hand made exclusively to your size, quantities and style. We would prefer, on a general rule to give you the exact shipping rate AFTER the product is completed. Like this we can weight & measure the product or costume. Some costumes require a bigger shipping box. Some parts of your costume has odd size boxes (like a back wing for example, or a headdress), so we need to address that need at the shipping office. Therefore, the shipping price is given when the costume is 100% complete. We may ask you to send a separate shipping payment (we will invoice you) and NOT CHARGE upfront for shipping on your 1st costume payment. This will give you the client, the exact shipping price and not an "estimated" shipping price. In general terms we use Brazilian Post Office that can easily track the shipments on their website. If the customer prefers, we can use FedEx. Which ever way you choose to ship your product we prefer to talk to you via email and find the best solution, a less costly shipping method before we ship the product. It seems only fair on our point of view!