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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

Lú Brasil - Professional Samba Dancer Costume

We have been working for many years with our fabulous samba costume designer Lú Brasil. Her samba design career is impressive her samba wear is sold for every country were samba has stepped in. Her designs are colorful, sparkly and represents the true colors and flair of a Brazilian samba dancer. She belongs to the São Paulo samba community and has a loyal domestic and international clientele. Her work is high quality, very detailed, hand made and delivers on time!
Here is a little bit about her, in her own words: 
"It all started about 13 years ago, I learned costume making watching how the costumes of my friends were made.. At that time money was short as my Physical Education College tuition was high....and I had other expenses beyond college. So I decided to make my own costumes and outfits for samba shows., I could not afford to have my own "costume design studio"...After my friends saw the quality and creativity of my work they liked very much and started ordering !!  Suddenly i had several customers. Today thank God, I can say that I live solely out of my costume orders as well as samba outfits, feathers, and accessories aimed at the samba dancers . I have clients in different countries : Brazil , Japan , Switzerland, France , Germany, Canada , USA , China , the Netherlands, Sweden , Argentina , Italy and Uzbekistan. It is a pleasure to work with BrazilCarnivalShop as a great partnership with an international samba clientele!
This is a collection of passista wear (professional samba dancer) and samba costumes in general. Each week we add more styles!  We can also make any costume you need based on your ideas, drawings and budget! Have a samba group? Need samba parade costumes? We can make it!!