Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    Men's samba shoes are one of the most difficult accessory to find. These cobblers are in this trade for decades and sometimes over 50 years and are very respected in the community. They have small retail shops with a back room cobbler studio and their design and craftsmanship are superior. The samba cobblers use old fashioned shoe making tools, high quality material and they do not measure time and dedication to make your shoes. These shoes are made to be used at times in "Malandro", with white trousers or not. These shoes are made to be used in Brazil's samba community for the flag bearer, main samba them singers during parade, male passistas, Rei Momo. They are part of a traditional samba look that must be finished with a high quality dance shoes. We are certain that you will cherish and be extremely happy with your men's samba shoes!
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