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    Men's samba shoes are an entire luxurious category in the samba community. The samba men, the "Malandro" men will use on a traditional manner a very well made leather samba shoes. These shoes are handmade by local cobblers serving the samba community for many decades. They are not your average samba shoes; these are carefully handcrafted oxford style shoes. Some shoes will even have "post card" references design details in the Rio de Janeiro. Men's samba shoes will have the color of the samba schools of that dancer, others will be in reference to a specific place in Rio, like the Copacabana cobbled stones. We have even seen oxford shoes with the "Arcos da Lapa" (Lapa Arches) famous touristic visiting place in downtown Rio. These samba shoes are made to last and to dance. They are very comfortable and these shoes should be treated like a pride possession. Men's samba shoes portrays the elegance of the samba men. A true roots samba dancer will use a high quality samba shoes to last for years to come!
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