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    BrazilCarnivalShop has been following Mina recently when her over the top colorful and gypsy-exotic-playful-intricate-jeweled samba costumes did stand out among our Instagram feed and Facebook Pages. We would comment and notice her unique designs were applauded by the various samba dancers we professionally know. Her colorful feather combination is an explosion of bold colors, very different than what we see out there. Her colors are a reference to her international lifestyle and voyages around the world. Even when she uses just white or gold, her attention to the details are a reference to details you normally do not see in samba costume making. It is a stroke of inspiration that is breathtaking. She will use "worldly" and exquisite, well adorned metals, gems and feather combination that will strike your attention.

    Below we have a biography of Mina and her inspirational work-lifestyle.


    Music, Dance and Design are in Mina’s veins. With her father a world renowned musician and mother an haute couture fashion designer, she grew up travelling the world gypsy style.

    This unusual upbringing led her to experience the many cultures of the world from a young age and instilled a deep respect and knowledge for the ways music, dance and design are.

    These artistic expressions are not only unique forms of expression but languages that unlock keys to other worlds.

    Originally trained as a dancer and gymnast Mina has been performing and making costumes her entire life. She undertook an undergraduate degree in design to further her skills in costume making.

    After years of dancing samba and subsequently living in Brazil she added making samba costumes to her ever growing repertoire. As a dancer she innately understands the needs of her clients for both comfort and style.

    Always drawing on inspiration from the world and influences around her whether it be the sparkling waters of the Caribbean, or the fierce Orishas invoked during a tambor her designs always tell a story.

    Although she currently resides in Cuba where she dances with a Modern dance company her Atelier remains international and is split between Cuba, France and Australia.

    Thanks to her colourful and international life she has developed a unique style that’s sets Atelier Mina de Oro apart!

    We are extremely proud and excited to have found this inspirational designer that has been coloring and changing the way samba costumes are made.

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