Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    Many of our top samba designers also has a very strong dedication to local samba and international pageantry. We decided to add this collection since these beautiful dresses are highly acclaimed in the samba community. The evening gowns are made by local samba designers has been seen year after year at teen proms, graduations, samba contests, like samba princesses, queen and divas coronations. They are made in Brazil, with prime material and impeccably hand made, one of a kind pieces. Our collection can be tailored to any body type. Many of these formal wear dresses are used in competitions, stage wear, shows and contests. These are crown-worthy pageantry dresses!
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    Pageant Queen Luxury Dress Samba Wear

    $ 700.00 USD

    Samba Pageant Luxury Queen Formal Wear

    $ 520.00 USD

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