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Parade in a Samba School for Rio 2017 Carnival

Ok, so you samba, you have what it takes to parade at the Rio carnival but doesn't know what are the best samba schools to parade in? We all know that to parade and participate at a Rio samba school nowadays is not that hard. You can easily contact a samba school or various websites and get all the information. We have contact with some great samba schools in Rio were we get 1st hand the samba costumes from its designer and production team. Here you will find many options on specific floats or floor. Most floats or floor have a limit of costumes to be sold. All of them have a theme and we will present you with the costumes for men or woman, the number of the float you will be parading and all costumes are to be picked up 1 week before the event/parade. Delays will happen and you might pick up the costume on the days or hours before. We will inform you as much as we can on the pick up and delivery. Once you pick up the costume we suggest you to try the costume and if there are any complains do it to the school in person. Once you remove the costume you are responsible for your costumes and no refund is acceptable. Your costume has only a symbolic price as you are paying to participate on a samba parade on a float or not. In general terms the costume for União da Ilha samba school has a symbolic price of U$150 for materials. Customer is paying the balance of the price for parading during 60 minutes on a float for the samba school. This is standard in many samba schools.