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    Paula Guedes atelier in São Paulo, Brazil has been one of the best samba costume designer that we have noticed among our customers. Our team has been following her designs, her customer's comments, share and likes for many years. The opinion our customers about her work is key to us adding her collection to our site.

    We have noticed that the majority of USA and European professional samba dancers we spoke to uses a "Paula Guedes" bikini costume.

    Her design are extreme brilliance and very much used in competitions, parades, show time. Her design studio, is packed with the most beautiful headpieces, feathers, arm & leg sets and back pieces you can imagine. She has a dedicated staff that works long hours to fulfill our orders. We have an excellent customer feedback and our communications with her is quick and fast. The average of her complete costume ranges between U$ 400-450 plus shipping. Usually shipping from Brazil varies, from anywhere from U$70-U$100, but we tend to charge shipping once the costume is ready since some headpieces will require a bigger and taller box.

    Paula Guedes will also work with custom made orders and rush orders for an extra fee.

    In this partnership, we will ensure that all the design process is fulfilled and you are aware of each step of the costume making. There are no language barrier between us, therefore our communication with her studio is prime. If there is a delay, we will advise, and why. If there are shipping delays, we will explain. If one of her employees takes a sick day and it will delay a bit your costume, we will advise. Tracking will be given by us and you will follow online all the delivery schedules.

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    Amarelo Ouro Luxo Brasil

    $ 520.00 USD

    Opulência do Samba

    $ 970.00 USD

    Rosa Coral Sonhos

    $ 420.00 USD

    Azul Branco Majestoso

    $ 540.00 USD

    Alegria do Samba

    $ 420.00 USD

    Vermelho Luminoso

    From $ 280.00 USD - $ 420.00 USD

    Cores do Brasil Brilho

    $ 650.00 USD

    Amarelo Prata Brilhante

    From $ 250.00 USD - $ 420.00 USD

    Diamante Sambista

    $ 420.00 USD

    Rosa Paixão

    $ 420.00 USD

    Verdes Tropical

    $ 490.00 USD

    Verde e Ruby Tesouro

    $ 520.00 USD

    Vermelho Refletir Vibrante

    $ 520.00 USD

    Amarelo Braziliana Cores

    $ 520.00 USD

    Azul Magnífica Rainha

    $ 540.00 USD

    Laranja Sempre Bela

    From $ 349.00 USD - $ 490.00 USD

    Roxo Glorioso

    From $ 349.00 USD - $ 490.00 USD

    Verde e Vermelho Mágica

    From $ 295.00 USD - $ 490.00 USD

    Guerreira do Fogo

    $ 570.00 USD

    Arco Íris Encantador

    $ 540.00 USD

    Crystal Brasil

    $ 540.00 USD

    Braziliana Maravilha

    $ 590.00 USD

    Samba Verde Água

    $ 590.00 USD

    Branco Precioso Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 510.00 USD

    Azul Supreme Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 710.00 USD

    Pink Saphire and Esmeralda Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 590.00 USD

    Green Tourmaline One Piece Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 940.00 USD

    Magnifica Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 520.00 USD

    Rosa de Prata Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 570.00 USD

    Fluorescent Verde Império Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 639.00 USD

    Laranja Luxo Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 1,290.00 USD

    Cartola Brilho Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 1,167.00 USD

    Regal Amazonia Verde Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 540.00 USD

    Esmeralda Rainha Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 890.00 USD

    Sea Goddess Silver & Pearl Luxury One Piece Samba Costume

    $ 620.00 USD

    Silver & Crystal Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 540.00 USD

    Peacock Green & Purple Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 520.00 USD

    Pink, Black & Silver Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 520.00 USD

    Silver Star Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 570.00 USD

    Afro Gold Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 620.00 USD

    Realeza em Azul Royal

    $ 540.00 USD

    Extreme Top Luxury Blue & Silver Swarovski Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 1,420.00 USD

    Pink & Blue One Piece Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 845.00 USD

    Aqua Blue & Yellow Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 1,790.00 USD

    Safira e Ouro Imperial Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 780.00 USD

    Borboleta Azul e Rosa Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 520.00 USD

    Esmeralda Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 520.00 USD

    Gold Imperatriz Luxury One Piece Samba Costume

    $ 1,850.00 USD

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