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    We dedicated this collection for rompers dance wear. We noticed an increase of rompers (short and long) in the samba communities across Brazil. Rompers are a one-piece or union suit with long sleeves or not, looking like a "onesie" or jumpsuit. Rompers can have a belly or torso cutout and are generally very decorated with brooches, stones, fringes and embellishments in general. Some rompers have a longer booty shorts cut, others a bit smaller, depends on the designer's taste. Some dancers prefer a more covered up look or simply want to change their dance wear style, so rompers are a great addition to your samba collection wear. Rompers are a great choice for samba shows! Pair them with a headpiece and beautiful gladiators or samba sandals and you are set to shine!
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    Azul Piscina Brilho

    $ 190.00 USD

    Extreme Brilliance Crystal & Fringes Romper

    $ 190.00 USD

    Viva Brazil Show Romper Fringes!

    $ 190.00 USD

    Amarelo Ouro Brilho

    $ 190.00 USD

    Ruby Ouro Paixão

    $ 250.00 USD

    Preto Luxo Só Samba Show One Piece

    From $ 190.00 USD - $ 250.00 USD

    Divina Gold Body with Chains

    $ 329.00 USD

    Samba Brasil Romper

    $ 190.00 USD

    Neon Pop! Samba

    $ 210.00 USD

    Light Brown Bling Samba Diva Romper

    $ 210.00 USD

    Jewelled Body Bling Queen Samba Romper

    $ 420.00 USD

    Regina Fringes body Shorts Show Samba Romper

    $ 220.00 USD

    Constellation Cristina One Piece Short Samba

    $ 269.00 USD

    Ultra Luxurious Queen Romper

    $ 289.00 USD

    Viva Brazil Show Romper Green with Yellow Accent

    $ 190.00 USD

    Trikini Booty Shorts Samba Morena

    $ 254.00 USD

    Pink & Stones Lycra Cirré Booty Shorty One Piece + Samba Gloves

    $ 290.00 USD

    Luminosity One Piece Romper Sparkler Samba Show

    From $ 640.00 USD - $ 790.00 USD

    Fringe That Samba Romper

    $ 240.00 USD

    Brazil Colors Sparkler Show Romper Fringes!

    $ 195.00 USD

    Brasil Passista Samba One Piece

    $ 240.00 USD

    Branco Romper Wow Passista Show Samba Show One Piece

    $ 250.00 USD

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