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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

Product Image Dazzling Samba Boots Stones & Crystal - Special Request Only - Leather

Dazzling Samba Boots Stones & Crystal - Special Request Only - Leather

$ 395.00 USD

These are one of our favorite most luxurious ever stone added boots. Most our samba dancers use one main color like clear crystal so that the costume colors does not shock too much with any other colored stones in the boots. Being that the base of these boots is the floral cutouts boots, with many details and a closing ribbon, we always suggest to play it safe and use one or two colors of stones at most at most. This way you can use with multiple costumes. If you want to add a touch of color, we suggest changing the color of the ribbons, we have some photos above to illustrate that. Also, remember that when you add stones and crystals your boots will be heavier, so keep that in mind. Just as a note to this style, most carnival designer that added stones on the past to our boots would use an extension piece to the upper part of the boots, usually to make the boots look longer. This extension piece can be sewn or glued. Some carnival designers will embellish the upper edge of the boots with a different design that the cutout flowers, in a way to dictate its own creation.

Customer pays for the shoes (chose gold or silver base) and advises us what colored stones to use. Usually the colors are to match a specific costume or most dancers chooses a more neutral choice like silver mirrored crystals and bits of gold. The stones will NOT fall, unless you rub them against a hard surface. We advise not to wet the shoes for cleaning. Use flannel an lightly dust of the stones. For deeper cleaning take them to a shoe repair shop that you trust. We will send you extra stones in an event they fall. You will work on a design with our shop and the designer, but ultimately the designer has his own creation based on the information you give him about your costume colors or venue.

It can take up to 2 weeks to have your shoes ready, then we send to the designer to add the stones; usually 10 days, then it's ready to be shipped, they are hand made!

We scouted this amazing shoe factory that serves many Divas, Queens and carnival muses in Brazil. We have a great partnership with them, a trusted company that ships fast with excellent customer service 24/7. This samba shoes company has been around with 21 years in the market, their shoes are structured to be used in parades, long hours of show and samba dance. These are very comfortable and durable. Our customers are extremely happy with them! Please asks us for specific shoe sizes. 

If you have a specific due date for a show or a venue, please keep in mind that these are hand made and at times the delivery can be quicker than expected or slower. Most of the shoes of this vendor does not take more than 20 business days to be made. In average around 15 days. Please allow enough time time to buy your shoes and keep shipping time in mind.

We DO NOT accept returns if your shoes arrived after the estimated shipping time given by our post office. Most shipping delays can be caused by strikes, weather condition, or it can locally be held at your local customs office. For that reason, plan ahead. Please note we do have many styles that are READY TO BE SHIPPED, consult with us prior !

We do not accept returns on leather shoes for size, only factory defect.

All returns must be made within 10 days of received shipment.

To help you decide your Brazil size, please note these shoes size numbers below are the correspondent measurement in centimeters of each size. This means you will measure either an existing shoes you have (open toes) or your feet. It's best if you lay your feet down of a piece of paper and trace your feet. After you do that, measure top to bottom and notate the centimeters. See the photo below on the images we provided you.

This means you will measure either an existing shoes you have (open toes or closed toes) or your feet (see below how we suggest measuring your feet).

If you measure both feet trace them as the photo below. At the same time we suggest measuring inside an existing shoes you should have.

Use a flexible, tape-like measuring tape (like the ones used in the garment industry).

Remember, if you are purchasing an open toe shoes, measure your existing most comfortable open toes shoes.

If you are purchasing a closed toes shoes, same thing, measure your existing most comfortable closed toes shoes.

Tip of the toes should fall comfortably inside the shoes, not outside, even if minimally in open toes.

In closed toes shoes, your toes should never be squeezed to the edge. Some clients have half sizes measurements, in that case we suggest that you get a bit bigger size for closed toes and you can purchase a silicone small edge insert (shoe makers has them for sale).

If you have open toe shoes your toes should either touch the front edge of the shoes or fall just a tiny bit before the edge, like half a centimeters at most.

The measurement of the inside sole of the shoes will be a bit bigger that your feet measurement. You need to have your feet fall comfortably in the shoes with a small tiny edge gap on the tip.

We suggest you to measure both feet. It helps you make the right decision when choosing your Brazil size. Please note we do not make half sizes. We will help you decide the size, however ultimately you need to make a final decision. Even if you placed your order, we will contact you to confirm your size since we do not accept returns for wrong sizes; only factory defects.

Please note we do not make half sizes. We will help you decide the size, however ultimately you need to make a final decision. Even if you placed your order, we will contact you to confirm your size since we do not accept returns for wrong sizes; only factory defects. Please note that if you have a wider feet or thin, extra thin feet and ankle, please advise us. Some shoes will simply not fit you. Consult with us prior to your purchase. Returns for factory defects only within 10 days of purchase and cannot be used.


21 cm size Brazil 33

22 cm size Brazil 34

23 cm size Brazil 35

24 cm size Brazil 36

25 cm size Brazil 37

26 cm size Brazil 38

26.5 cm size Brazil 39

27 cm size Brazil 40

28 cm size Brazil 41

29 cm size Brazil 42

30 cm size Brazil 43

31 cm size Brazil 44

E-mail us at info@brazilcarnivalshop.com if you have any questions or at checkout leave us a note with your email!


We will ship each costume from its country of origin. Please email us with you shipping address. We will send you a final payment after the costume is ready with the correct shipping price. Each receiving country might have import restrictions, pelase email us at info@brazilcarnivalshop.com

Each costume is hand made exclusively to your size, quantities and style. We would prefer, on a general rule to give you the exact shipping rate AFTER the product is completed. Like this we can weight & measure the product or costume. Some costumes require a bigger shipping box. Some parts of your costume has odd size boxes (like a back wing for example, or a headdress), so we need to address that need at the shipping office. Therefore, the shipping price is given when the costume is 100% complete. We may ask you to send a separate shipping payment (we will invoice you) and NOT CHARGE upfront for shipping on your 1st costume payment. This will give you the client, the exact shipping price and not an "estimated" shipping price. In general terms we use Brazilian Post Office that can easily track the shipments on their website. If the customer prefers, we can use FedEx. Which ever way you choose to ship your product we prefer to talk to you via email and find the best solution, a less costly shipping method before we ship the product. It seems only fair on our point of view!