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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

Team Queen Egili Oliveira Rio Samba Experience

Be part of this winning samba team!


We are proud to present the 1st top Rio Samba queen experience in Rio. Her samba and Brazil carnival knowledge will bring you a unique insight to an authentic Rio samba experience.

Egili Oliveira is a top passista, queen and muse of Brazil and in the Rio samba community. We are pleased to be offering to our customers an immersion workshop that will bring you closer to samba roots in Rio de Janeiro.

Below you will find a variety of samba classes, workshops, costume making, samba parade experience and Rio's most toured after places that will bring you not only closer to what is the real Rio samba, but will give you the taste of Egili's world. Different than most samba experiences in Rio, theses classes and events will make you feel part of the Rio samba community while learning and immersing in true roots samba.

Join "Team Queen Egili Oliveira" to make your samba experience come true.

You can choose private or group lessons, participate in the Rio 2017 samba parade, costume making workshops, visit samba schools, learn correct Rio samba photography modeling, add new samba repertoires and tour the wonderful city of Rio. We carefully selected all the events she will be offering based on her samba experiences and connections to the various Rio samba roots artists in her carnival/samba community.

There are many surprises her team will be offering at the end of each class. Her enthusiasm and energy will get you inspired. Andre Skowronski, CEO of Brazil Carnival Videos, the #1 samba carnival YouTube Channel,  said : "To learn and taste samba classes with a diva passista in Rio, immerse in her samba community world and be closely part of the Rio carnival scene and beauty will give you that experience that you will not get anywhere else in the world! ". The Brazil Carnival Videos has been following Egili for many years, and one of her videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN-9UgucJ9I was one of the pillars of her career. 

Let's get to know a bit more about this Samba Queen:

Egili Oliveira was born in Bahia, but her birth certificate was registered in the city of São Paulo, and she fell completely in love with Rio de Janeiro as she was growng up. When asked where she is from, Egili likes to respond by saying "I am from Brazil" !



From her family she carries the culture of the three major cities of Brazil in her blood. As the daughter of a Paulista (São Paulo) mother, Carioca (Rio)  father, and Baiana (Bahia) grandmother,  Egili is the perfect mixture of a Brazilian citizen. When Egili was only two years old, her mother passed away and she was raised by her father along with two other brothers in Jundia, São Paulo.

When Egili was 5, she went to live with her Baiana grandmother in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro and that is where her love for samba and Brazilian culture began. Egili’s grandfather was very strict about education and Brazilian culture. He demanded that all of his grandchildren would learn Brazilian culture and dance rhythms.

At 5 years old, Egili began learning her first samba steps. Being born into a family rich in cultural and religious beliefs, her family's wishes for her to learn samba eventually became her new love and lifestyle.

At 10 years old, Egili returned to Jundia where she studied theater and rhythms. At 14 years old, she became the Rainha da Bateria (Queen of Drums) for the "Arco-Iris" samba school and since then she never stopped performing.

At 19 yeras old , Egili traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, for her first dance tour. Still in love with Rio de Janeiro, after a few years, she returned to Brazil and decided to move to the wonderful city in 2006 and marked a new chapter in her life. She fell in love with Rio's samba community and joined the red and white samba school "Academicos do Salgueiro". This is where she learned to be a passista (professional samba dancer to a specific school) and studied at that school for 10 years under Mr. Carlinhos do Salgueiro, a professional samba teacher to top divas, queens and passistas.



Egili's  awards:

  • In 2010 she was the first passista of "Salgueiro" samba school to receive the trophy “Garra Salgueirense” (Salgueiro Perserverance samba dancer).  
  • In 2010 she was awarded "Gente como a Gente" (People like People").
  • In 2010 she was also awarded the first Cabrocha (a word in Portuguese that means a mulata that is young and happy).
  • In 2015 she was awarded by the magazine “Meu Mundo do Samba” (My Samba World) as a top samba professional dancer. 


  • Prestigious positions at various samba schools in Brazil:
  • Muse of the "União do Parque Curicica" samba school, 2008-2010.
  • Queen of "Parque Curicica" samba school, 2010 -2012.
  • Godmother of "Acadêmicos do Asa Norte" samba school, 2009.
  • Muse of "Unidos da Tijuca" samba school, 2010.
  • Muse of "Renascer de Jacarepugua" samba school, 2013 to present.
  • Queen of  "Cima da Hora" samba school, 2016.
  • Featured Floor dancer at "São Clemente" 2015-2016.




International awards, workshops, master classes and invitations:

Egili has attracted the attention of the international samba community over the years and received many calls by fans and followers inquiring about her work. 

  • In 2012 she worked as a samba teacher with Isa Praia, owner of a samba school called Samba Amor.
  • In 2013 she was invited to be Godmother of the "Batida de Coco" samba school in Mendonça, Argentina.
  • 1st ever Godmother of Carnival of Finland, 2015.
  • Carnival Queen of Sweden, 2015.
  • She has taught over 20 workshops internationally in the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Argentina, Spain, USA.
  • In 2016 at California she taught samba at the Mini Passista school at BrasArte; Berkley with over 70 enrolled students. 




Egili Oliveira is a complete samba diva as well as a professional samba dancer and master samba teacher. In addition to dancing, Egili is also an actress and model - including being the model for a winter TV campaign for Angola. She also worked as a scene assistant for a TV program in Brazil, and has acted in 3 theatrical productions and a short films. Egili is the first passista and master teacher from Rio de Janeiro to come to USA, sharing information about the Brazilian culture and dance.

USA Samba Workshop cultural tour:

  • Santa Cruz
  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Miami -Florida
  • Charlotte North of Carolina
  • New York
  • Albany
  • Woodstock


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