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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

About Us

Brazil Carnival Shop was developed by an increasing demand of the Brazilian Carnival and Samba lovers all over the world. We noticed a few years ago that the “Carnival like” festivities were happening not only in Brazil, but in many other countries around the globe. Today we find beautiful samba-school like London School of Samba in UK, Japan, Finland, United States, France, Germany and even in Africa! Carnival and Samba fans have specific attire and special needs that had to be taken care of. This became then our essential motivation. We are very well connected with the local Brazilian carnival suppliers that has a high reputation for quality and shipments on time. We are that bridge, between them and you. We are committed to taking your questions, emails, inboxes or calls with great care. Most of our Brazilian carnival designers do not speak English so we will be their right hand and connect their work to your taste. Every year we are adding new carnival designers from different countries that understand well the look & feel of our customer. Brazil Carnival is getting global, and we are discovering these suppliers after years of search.

Get to know our founder Maria Cristina on this exclusive interview with Vanessa Isaac for Sexy Samba Soul website :


Before the development of the Brazil Carnival Shop, we built with great care the Brazil Carnival Ooah! website, which today is the largest website in the world devoted to the explanation of the Brazilian Carnival in English, made by Brazilians. With more than 300 pages, Brazil Carnival Ooah! website explains through texts, exclusive photos and a huge video gallery, basic and more sophisticated aspects of this wonderful festival, that enchants revelers all over the world. During this expansion, we had the pleasure of receiving literally hundreds of e-mails of samba lovers all over the world, thanking us for placing so much information, quality proof, in the name of a greater understanding of the Brazilian Carnival ( or Carnaval - in Portuguese ) culture.

Brazil Carnival Shop now arrives as a complimentary project. Here, customers are be able to find exclusive Carnival costumes, samba wear, authentic samba art, samba shoes created for samba dancers, as well as luxurious jewelry and accessories related to the carnival industry in Brazil. Our desire is to make sure you feel at home, prior to your visit to Brazil, or participation in any outdoor festival that relates to this atmosphere. We want to make sure you have the authentic “look and feel” of the Brazilian lively spirit. Our partners and suppliers are all committed to the artistic culture of carnival and are proud to develop exclusive collections to this project. In the name of all of our contributors, I welcome you to visit our Brazil Carnival e-commerce website and embody the vibrant, popular, eccentric, and lively spirit present at this grandiose festivity