Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    • Alegria do Samba
    • Alegria do Samba
    • Alegria do Samba
    • Alegria do Samba
    • Alegria do Samba
    • Alegria do Samba

    Alegria do Samba

    $ 420.00 USD

    Color As Shown Custom Made


    This is  luxury costume to be added to your collection. This is a timeless Brazilian samba costume.

    This complete costume includes:

    • Full luxury "one size fits all" oversized headpiece.
    • DUC feather shown as is, removable. 
    • Bikini is presented as a one piece on the back and on the front as you see. It’s a thong on the back.  It’s all connected on the sides almost like a trikini. 
    • Bolero as you see. 
    • Over the knees sleeves
    • Please check our Instagram for a quick and fun video on this costume:
    • Note: We will never dupicate 100% a costume. The designer will substitue as she thinks its necessary a stone shape, size. Overall the costume will have the same flair and look, close as possible to the wire frame designs, but certain wire frames design and embelishments and pattern/layout could be different. We do not wish you to have the same costume as another dancer.

    When we duplicate a costume not always that specific hue/tone of feathers will be available for purchase (color feather availability in Brazil is very seasonal) so the designer will use the next available hue closest to this original tone. If that happens she will contact us before that is done. Also, some costumes have specific Lycra patterns and it is also seasonal. If we cannot find that type of pattern we will communicate before we proceed.

    Please email us if you have any questions about this costume.

    Most of the costume the following details and materials

    • Swarovski crystals
    • Rhinestones
    • Rhinestone plates
    • Glass crystal stones
    • Most sizes are one size fits all, adjustable with hooks
    • Some measurements are necessary for those who are used to buying a samba costume and needs the costume more tailored made.
    • We only make tailored made costume when the client has a special request costume with us.
    • Zipper are used for arm gloves and leg gloves.
    • Some styles will use Velcro and elastic
    • Usually the more expensive a costume is, the more tailored and couture the costume is tailored to your body.

    Please inquire about matching Samba back piece or feather additions to costume. 

    Tracking will be given by us and you will follow online all the delivery schedules.





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