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    • Cleopatra Bejeweled Luxury Bikini Samba Costume - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Cleopatra Bejeweled Luxury Bikini Samba Costume - BrazilCarnivalShop

    Cleopatra Bejeweled Luxury Bikini Samba Costume

    $ 590.00 USD



    This is a luxury costume to be added to your collection.  This is a timeless Brazilian samba costume.

    Trikini is a huge come back from the 80's beach wear. It is a new addition to the samba floor these past 2 years. It elongates the legs, showing more the toned hips. The sides of the bikini are connected, so very passista. We love the wavy detail of the embellished sparkling rhinestones all over the costume. The headdress remits an elegance of Cleopatra, queen of all queens! The mix of light green and silver rhinestones is so regal.The back wings of this costume has a combination of albino pheasant feathers, on white, green. We can always tailor to your choice of color.

     A true samba majestic piece that can be custom made to your color of preference.

    Most of this costume the following details:

    • Rhinestones
    • Swarovski crystals
    • Rhinestone plates
    • Glass crystal stones
    • Pheasants
    • Most sizes are one size fits all, adjustable with hooks
    • Some measurements are necessary for those who are used to buying a samba costume and needs the costume more tailored made.
    • We only make tailored made costume when the client has a special request costume with us.
    • Some accessories will use Velcro and elastic for closure
    • Usually the more expensive a costume is, the more tailored and couture the costume is.

    In this partnership with this designer, we will ensure that all the design process is fulfilled and you are aware of each step of the costume making. There are no language barrier between us, therefore our communication with our studio is prime. If there is a delay, we will advise, and why. If there are shipping delays, we will explain. If one of her employees takes a sick day and it will delay a bit your costume, we will advise. Tracking will be given by us and you will follow online all the delivery schedules.





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