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    • Carmen Vintage Exclusivo - Leather
    • Carmen Vintage Exclusivo - Leather
    • Carmen Vintage Exclusivo - Leather

    Carmen Vintage Exclusivo - Leather

    $ 230.00 USD

    Brazil Size
    Heel Size


    One of our most luxurious samba shoes. Smooth and soft leather for your ultimate luxurious dance shoes.These are made in Rio for a dancer who would like to upgrade their samba collection with a quality samba shoes with amazing grip, sturdiness and style.

    (photo shown with a 12 cm heel) 

    CARMEN VINTAGE🌟✨🌟We are so proud to launch today and exclusive to our shop our newest Carmen Miranda inspired samba sandals. Years of research, now available to you, fabulous Sambista. “The pequena notável” or the “Chica-Boom” celebrity influenced owner Maria Cristina Skowronski Flynn to develop this style. As a matter of fact, Carmen has been Brazilcarnivalshop’s source of inspiration. We wanted to bring you authentic samba products with the authenticity of Brazil that would spread love, quality and joy, just like our dear Carmen ❤️.

    ✨We partnered with the best samba sandals designer in Brazil to bring you this classical luxury samba product.

    ✨You will have many colors to choose from, the most soft leather in any color. We can also make this style in synthetic material.

    ✨This has the PERFECT low toe closure. It’s flawless design is impeccable. You will dance in the clouds.

    ✨Developed exclusively for YOU Samba dancer who wants to invest in the best, I mean the ultimate samba heels that are made of exceptional supple leather, cushioned insoles.

    ✨This is the new definition of Best samba shoes.

    ✨These are breathable, flexible with quality stitching. There are no flaws in lining or hardware.

    ✨This leather is water resistant, heat insulating and stretchy.

    ✨The qualities of a good pair of leather shoes are impressive and you must have one. There is no going back to synthetic materials once you try this baby.

    ✨Leather is tear proof and abrasion-resistant and acts a barrier against moisture evaporation. It is also robust, making the shoe more stable and functional.

    ✨We have many heels to choose from and each one is stable and perfect for dancing.

    🤩At U$230 this investment is for life. We guarantee you will be addicted or you have your money back!

    🤩We will also develop this style for U$160 in synthetic material and the beauty and quality will be matched, we guarantee!

    ❤️These are hand made, one by one, with your measurements. It’s not your ordinary samba shoes.

    Questions? Message us, we loooooove talking to you!
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    On our blog we wrote a brief history of Samba Platforms that we are sure you will enjoy!

    • Exceptional superior leather 
    • Hand made
    • Great durability 
    • Cushioned insoles 
    • Anti-slippery soles
    • We can make most colors, the most popular are gold and silver. Other popular colors are black, white, red, nude, green, blue. Most dancer order a specific color to match a more luxurious costume. We glitter as well!
    • Need custom made Swarovski decoration? This is one of our specialty. Please inquire. 
    • Extremely comfortable and made for dance. Years of durability.
    • Measurements are required for this style, that's why they are more expensive. We get as much information from you required by the shoemaker. We will hear what you want and give you a tailored luxury shoes.
    • Narrow or wide feet? No problem! We will work with your measurements!
    • Please refer to the link below on our website to select your Brazil Shoe size. Brazil and European sizes are not the same. If you have a wide, large, narrow or unusual feet you must advise us.

    About the shoemaker: They been servicing national samba schools, divas, drum queen, flag bearer with the highest quality and dedication for many years. Each pair is handcrafted with love and attention . They understand exactly what the dancers needs; what they like and dislike in samba shoes. Our shoes have traveled and have been tested all around the world by professional samba dancers. We have a great partnership with them, a trusted company that ships fast with excellent customer service. They have been around for 10 years and their shoes are structured to be used in parades, long hours of show and samba dance. These are very comfortable and durable. Our customers are extremely happy with them! Please asks us for specific shoe sizes. 

    These shoes are hand made and it takes up to 5-10 days to make. We might be able to make shoes quicker when the demand for samba shoes are not so high, off season. Occasionally we will run into small delays, like delays of materials being shipped, employee sick days, short staffed, weather problems such as severe heat or rain. These are common problems that naturally will delay your order. We do advise when this happens, very rarely but it might happen. So, please plan accordingly. Please note that you will only see your pair of shoes around one month in a half from the order date (manufacturing plus shipment) If we have them in stock they are shipped right away and you will see them in up to 12-15 days, sometimes less

    If you have a specific due date for a show or a venue, please keep in mind that these are hand made and at times the delivery can be quicker than expected or slower. Please allow enough time time to buy your shoes and keep shipping time in mind.

    We DO NOT accept returns if your shoes arrived after the estimated shipping time given by our post office. Most shipping delays can be caused by strikes, weather condition, or it can locally be held at your local customs office. For that reason, plan ahead. Please note we do have many styles that are READY TO BE SHIPPED, consult with us prior.

    We do accept returns for another pair, however customer pays for shipping both ways.

    All returns must be made within 10 days of received shipment, unused and shipped to us at our USA office. If you did not use your shoes right away and you have a complain months later we will not accept returns or exchange. You should be able to try your shoes right away in a carpeted floor, dance a bit with it and let us know your thoughts on the heel, the comfort and grip.

    E-mail us at if you have any questions or at checkout leave us a note with your email.

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