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    • Diva do Luxo - Special Request - Leather - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Diva do Luxo - Special Request - Leather - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Diva do Luxo - Special Request - Leather - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Diva do Luxo - Special Request - Leather - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Diva do Luxo - Special Request - Leather - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Diva do Luxo - Special Request - Leather - BrazilCarnivalShop

    Diva do Luxo - Special Request - Leather

    $ 390.00 USD

    Brazil Size
    Heel Size


    A classy and sparkling samba shoes that looks like a million dollars. Crystal clear stones is so sophisticated that it matches any outfit. Add any heel size to complete your look.

    These are one of our most desired samba shoes. It has a vintage classy design and with the stones and acrylics. How sophisticated and show stopper is this style? Perfect for a samba professional that would like to invest on a quality shoes, leather & crystal, to match their investment costume! Add a detachable leg crystal bracelet or sleeve and you will look amazing!

    This is a very special request decorated shoes! Unfortunately we cannot duplicate the same design, but do a similar design with our renowned shoe designer. Not one design will ever look like another. Each design is custom made for one dancer and it's costume ensemble. We will work with your costume and your needs to advise the shoe designer what needs to be done. 

    About decorating the shoes: Customer pays for the shoes (chose gold or silver base - see the style below, (choose your heel size as well) and advises us what colored stones to use. Usually the colors are to match a specific costume or most dancers chooses a more neutral choice like silver mirrored crystals and bits of gold. We will use a carnival designer, with many years of experience adding stones & crystals to Diva and Queen samba shoes and costume making. The stones will not fall, unless you rub them against a hard surface. We advise not to wet the shoes for cleaning. Use flannel an lightly dust of the stones. For a deeper cleaning take them to a shoe repair shop that you trust. We will send you extra stones in an event they fall. You will work on a design with our shop costume director and the designer, but ultimately the designer has his own creation based on the information you give him about your costume colors or venue. We will send you as much photo as the carnival designer sends us!

    It can take up to 2 weeks to have your shoes ready for decoration. Once shoes are ready, we send them to the carnival designer to add the stones; usually 10 days, then it's ready to be shipped, they are hand made!

    About the shoe maker: This leather factory is respectable and it's design sells for samba dancer and celebrities in the dance world! This is an investment leather, extremely comfortable and high quality. The base is firm and comfortable. Very sturdy. Our shoes are hand made and it takes up to 20-30 days to be shipped. Occasionally we will run into small delays, like delays of materials being shipped, employee sick days, short staffed, weather problems such as severe heat or rain. These are common problems that naturally will delay your order. We do advise when this happens very rarely but it might happen. So, please plan accordingly. Please note that you will only see your pair of shoes around one month in a half from the order date (manufacturing plus shipment) If we have them in stock they are shipped right away and you will see them in up to 12-15 days, sometimes less. These shoes are made for samba !

    If you have a specific due date for a show or a venue, please keep in mind that these are hand made and at times the delivery can be quicker than expected or slower. Most of the shoes of this vendor does not take more than 20 business days to be made. In average around 15 days. Please allow enough time time to buy your shoes and keep shipping time in mind.

    We do not accept returns if your shoes arrived after the estimated shipping time given by our post office. Most shipping delays can be caused by strikes, weather condition, or it can locally be held at your local customs office. For that reason, plan ahead. Please note we do have many styles that are ready to be shipped, so consult with us prior !

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