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Samba is our passion... made in Brazil.

Product Image Gold Imperatriz Luxury One Piece Samba Costume

Gold Imperatriz Luxury One Piece Samba Costume

$ 1,850.00 USD

This is a luxury costume to be added to your collection.  This is a timeless Brazilian samba costume. 

*Please note that this costume photos was taken inside a studio/atelier so feathers and coloration in this costume will appear lighter during the day, however when we duplicate a costume not always that specific hue/tone of feathers will be available for purchase (color feather availability in Brazil is very seasonal) so the designer will use the next available hue closest to its original feather tone. We will advise you if that happens. Remember not one costume is 100% like the other and slight variations on stone coloration, sizes, rhinestones and embellishments overall might change slightly for your costume. This is the nature of costume making. Please email us if you have any questions about this.

Most of this costume the following details:

  • Rhinestones
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Rhinestone plates
  • Glass crystal stones
  • Most sizes are one size fits all, adjustable with hooks
  • Some measurements are necessary for those who are used to buying a samba costume and needs the costume more tailored made.
  • We only make tailored made costume when the client has a special request costume with us.
  • Zipper are used for arm gloves and leg gloves.
  • Some styles will use Velcro and elastic
  • Usually the more expensive a costume is, the more tailored and couture the costume is.
  • Costume making for this designer is 30 calendar days.

Please inquire about matching Samba back piece or feather additions to costume. 

This designer costumes are extreme brilliance and very much used in competitions, parades, show time. The design studio is packed with the most beautiful headpieces, feathers, arm & leg sets and back pieces you can imagine. They have a dedicated staff that works long hours to fulfill our orders. We have an excellent customer feedback and our communications with them is quick and fast. The average of their complete costume ranges between U$ 400-700 plus shipping. "Rainha-Queen" costumes have a higher budget. Usually shipping from Brazil varies, from anywhere from U$70-U$100, but we tend to charge shipping once the costume is ready since some headpieces will require a bigger and taller box.

This design studio will also work with custom made orders and rush orders for an extra fee.

In this partnership, we will ensure that all the design process is fulfilled and you are aware of each step of the costume making. There are no language barrier between us, therefore our communication with this studio is prime. If there is a delay, we will advise, and why. If there are shipping delays, we will explain. If one of the employees takes a sick day and it will delay a bit your costume, we will advise. Tracking will be given by us and you will follow online all the delivery schedules.

We always ask not to purchase our costumes if you are in a time constrain. It's best to plan at least 2 months before your due day. However we do have everyday many costumes that are ready to ship from this studio and many other studios we work with.





We will ship each costume from its country of origin. Please email us with you shipping address. We will send you a final payment after the costume is ready with the correct shipping price. Each receiving country might have import restrictions, pelase email us at info@brazilcarnivalshop.com

Each costume is hand made exclusively to your size, quantities and style. We would prefer, on a general rule to give you the exact shipping rate AFTER the product is completed. Like this we can weight & measure the product or costume. Some costumes require a bigger shipping box. Some parts of your costume has odd size boxes (like a back wing for example, or a headdress), so we need to address that need at the shipping office. Therefore, the shipping price is given when the costume is 100% complete. We may ask you to send a separate shipping payment (we will invoice you) and NOT CHARGE upfront for shipping on your 1st costume payment. This will give you the client, the exact shipping price and not an "estimated" shipping price. In general terms we use Brazilian Post Office that can easily track the shipments on their website. If the customer prefers, we can use FedEx. Which ever way you choose to ship your product we prefer to talk to you via email and find the best solution, a less costly shipping method before we ship the product. It seems only fair on our point of view!