Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    • Peacock Samba Backpack
    • Peacock Samba Backpack
    • Peacock Samba Backpack
    • Peacock Samba Backpack

    Peacock Samba Backpack

    $ 695.00 USD



    Impressive feathered samba backpack, with a wing span of over 5 feet! This backpack is a replica of the original samba backpack, featured in the 2013 annual Hot Couture Industrial Fashion Show. This is a custom item, made to order and to fit your back and height dimensions.

    Covered in hundreds of hand dyed rooster coque feathers in shades of blues to greens. Over 20 hand dyed gradation treated Silver Pheasant feathers between 25-35 inches. These particular feathers are unique in that they are dyed with a base quill of indigo going in a deep Kelly green with lime green at the tips.  Each Silver Pheasant feather has a unique 'eye of the Peacock' feather tip.   The backpack is fully wired and welded to be secure in movement and stability. It can be opened wide or closed for a tighter look.

    Additionally, the base of the backpack is detailed with individual appliqués and covered in hundreds of rhinestones. 

    This backpack can also be customized to fit any color scheme of your costume. 

    Custom costume additions can be made to match this costume piece.


    This costume piece is made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks and message us directly.  For replication and additional copies of the item, please contact us to arrange order. 



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