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    $ 850.00 USD



    This neon pink and mango couture set will transport you to the famous Cabarets of Havana, Cuba. A vibrant explosion of sparkle and colour, this tropical beauty is a guaranteed show stopper. This is so much eye candy!

    Medium coverage high cut bikini, glass cut crystal and acrylic rhinestone used throughout. Mohican style head piece with removable diamante 'd pheasant feathers. Extended neck piece, Lycra arm gloves and illusion mesh leg booties.

    The over the top grandiose headpiece is majestic, one of Mina de Oro trademark.

    All of Mina de Oro costume are made to order and it will take 4-10 weeks to be made. Depending on what country Mina de Oro is visiting, your costume shipping price will be re-calculated at the end of the costume making. Generally speaking shipping prices can vary from U$80-U$130. We will contact you towards the end of the costume making process and if the shipping is more or less than what you paid we will refund you or ask for additional payment.

    We will contact you as soon as the costume is purchased to get your measurement details. We will keep you posted on as much of the costume making process as the designer wants us to. Some designers do not like to "send photos" of the costume making process to avoid anxiety and questions from the samba dancer about a particular detail. It's best to have the photos sent at the end.

    *** No design is ever duplicated therefore any order must be for a new design although can be based on the style of previously made costumes. Pricing is influenced by; feather style, type of leg and arm pieces, fabric, rhinestone quality, intricacy of design and overall amount of materials used. Depending on stock availability orders can be filled between 4-10 weeks

    This is a 8 pieces celestial explosion of bright turquoise and cobalt blue rhinestones with silver highlights:

    • Lycra arm gloves/sleeves and illusion mesh leg booties.
    • Bra with hanging piece over the stomach.
    • Medium Coverage high cut bikini
    • Mohican style head piece with removable diamante'd pheasant feathers
    • Extended neck piece with shoulder extends
    • Glass cut crystal and acrylic rhinestone throughout the costume.


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