Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    Here you will find a collection our most popular arm feathered pieces made in Brazil that has been so far requested by our dancers. Most arm pieces are made to be matched to your costume colors. If you see any arm pieces on any of our complete samba costume, then yes, we can make it. It is important that we make sure that all the materials and feathers are available in the market so that we can deliver the headpieces on a timely manner so always check with us before placing an order. We can always work with a specific design you might have, however we can never duplicate a style that does not belong to our designer. You must trust our designer to come up with a similar style. Contact us if you have any questions on your requests.
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    Sensação do Carnaval

    $ 170.00 USD

    Colorido do Brasil

    $ 220.00 USD

    Alegria do Samba

    $ 170.00 USD

    Folia do Carnaval

    $ 170.00 USD

    Pavão Encantado

    $ 270.00 USD

    Lilás Encantador

    $ 280.00 USD

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