Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    We have been searching for quite a long time for simple, sparkly and masculine samba wear. Specifically made in Brazil by respected and trusted men's samba designer. These designers are well known in the samba communities and their design are tested and preferred by the male sambistas. Most male dancers will samba alone, in a group, with their lady partner or as drummers. Usually in a group the men's and woman's costume can be coordinated to have all the same details and colors. We can execute that to any small or large number of participants in your group. We can make shirts, vests, hats and pants. If you do not see a specific samba wear here, send us a message, we would love to execute your dream.
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    Men's Samba Complete 8 Piece Look

    $ 265.00 USD

    Men's Samba Vest

    $ 138.00 USD

    Male Samba Rio Costume

    $ 495.00 USD

    Laranja Samba Sapucaí

    From $ 249.00 USD - $ 259.00 USD

    Verde Brilho Máximo

    From $ 249.00 USD - $ 259.00 USD

    Amarelo Sensacional Anhembi

    From $ 249.00 USD - $ 259.00 USD

    Branco Luxo Total

    $ 249.00 USD

    Brilliance Couple

    $ 259.00 USD

    Bonito na Avenida

    $ 279.00 USD

    Brasil Verde e Amarelo

    $ 259.00 USD

    Sambando na Avenida

    $ 220.00 USD

    Men's Samba Jacket

    $ 160.00 USD

    Men's Samba T-Shirt Fringes

    $ 120.00 USD

    Men's Samba T-Shirt V Neck

    $ 120.00 USD

    Brian Men's Samba Sleeveless T-Shirt

    $ 105.00 USD

    Men's Samba T-Shirt Short V Neck

    $ 120.00 USD

    Men's Body One Piece Costume Set Show Star Passista

    $ 280.00 USD

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