Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    Looking for a variety of one two pieces made in Brazil? Two pieces are a top separated from the bottom, in a matching set. The set will be decorated and are usually made by a stretchy material specifically for dance, with top, skirts, long or shorts pants.

    We collected beautiful and sparkling styles from the top designers in Brazil that we are sure will be perfect for your samba and dance needs. If you are in a rush. we might have ready to ship dance outfits in Brazil or the US, so please check with us. We post most of our California ready to ship outfits at our social media.

    Extremely well made and worn by top samba dancers in Brazil, we added this specific collection due to ongoing requests for samba two pieces only. These designs were tested in the local samba communities and holds well after many events. If you need us to make you a special request samba outfit for your  performance we can definitely work with you!

    Most of our designers take around 2-3 weeks maximum to make these orders, sometimes less time. We follow up with them daily. It's best when placing an order that you send us a photo of your body so that the designer can have an idea of your size, height. We also ask you to send us your measurements like bust, waist and hips circumference measurements in centimeters.

    If there are any comments on color, style, stones or any special request please notate on your order and/or email us at We can always work with your needs on a specific order. Dresses can be short or long or have a more conservative cut. Our designers are used to special request orders that are necessary in certain cultures or corporate events.

    Last, if your order is done is less than 2-3 weeks we will let you know, however do plan accordingly to your calendar so that there is plenty of time for the designer to make the order and ship. Shipping can take anywhere from 9 to 23 days depending on what shipping method you selected.

    We also offer discounts on group orders. Last we can make made orders, so do e-mail us, we will be glad to help you with your request.

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    Cítrico Intenso

    $ 180.00 USD

    Princesa Maravilha

    $ 190.00 USD

    Malandra do Samba

    $ 89.00 USD

    Margarete Paixão

    $ 259.00 USD

    Sambista Franjas

    $ 190.00 USD

    Cores do Brasil

    $ 180.00 USD

    Brazil Top & Skirt

    $ 150.00 USD

    Douradinha do Samba

    From $ 79.00 USD - $ 140.00 USD

    Brasil Franjas Brilho

    $ 240.00 USD

    Estrela do Rio

    $ 249.00 USD

    Passista Franjas Show

    $ 190.00 USD

    Luciana Samba Fringes

    $ 185.00 USD

    Rio by Night

    $ 245.00 USD

    Super Fringes Tropicala

    $ 240.00 USD

    Super Top Samba

    $ 185.00 USD

    Luana Crystal

    $ 190.00 USD

    Juliana Samba

    $ 190.00 USD

    Eliane Gold

    $ 190.00 USD

    Gabriela Calor

    $ 150.00 USD

    Maravilhosa Sublime!

    $ 357.00 USD

    Musa da Avenida

    $ 289.00 USD

    Cintilante Diva

    $ 289.00 USD

    Maria Meu Amor

    $ 190.00 USD

    Viva Brasil

    $ 150.00 USD

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