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    Do you need a feathered back piece to match an existing costume? We would love to make it for you. Do you need a back piece for a specific parade or show you might have? That's our specialty! Many sambistas or dancers male or female will contact us to make their back pieces for a specific need. We have selected below a variety of styles that are our best sellers. In Brazil, back pieces are called "costeiros" or "esplendor". In English they can be called back pieces, back packs or even back wings or wings. 

    Most of the styles below are shown on a specific feather, however we can make any pieces below in any feather you wish. The most common feathers are rooster feathers, plumes and pheasants. Goat's beard and artificial feathers are also used in some back pieces. We have a collection on artificial feathers so that's an option to add to your back piece. We also sell just the wire frame structure of the back piece and we can work with the design photo you might have. Our wire frame designers are talented and just by looking at the photo of a back piece, they can execute the wire frame, or the "skeleton" of the back piece.

    In general terms we ask that you send us your existing bikini costume so that we can match as best as we can the stone design, feathers, colors and embellishments. If you already have existing feathers on your costume, let's work around that and remember that we might not always find the exact tone/hue/color of that feather to execute the back piece. We will exhaust our vendors and ask them to match as close as possible your feather, if that is the case. Vendors can dye to match a feathers to come as close as possible to the hue of your feather, but remember that the designer does have your costume with them, so we are working with photos. Each screen is calibrated differently so even photos of a costume can be tricky to match, but generally we can get the job done nicely and our customers are extremely happy.

    Most back pieces are embellished with glass stones, crystals, rhinestones and acrylics stones. The more expensive pieces have Swarovski crystals. Some feathers can be sprinkled tiny crystals on its entire plumage. We welcome your design as well.

    Typically we can make a back feathered piece in 2-4 weeks, depending on how busy we are. Please inquire with us our schedule, we do not work around your schedule, so please plan accordingly and remember there is shipping time, that can be from 9-12 business days or 15-23 business days. We are not responsible for customs and border patrol inspections and delays in your country. During carnival season in Brazil you should add to your schedule at least 2-3 months before our carnival season as our designers are very busy.

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    Apoteose Rio Fantasia Noturno

    From $ 259.00 USD - $ 1,300.00 USD

    Extreme Beleza

    From $ 75.00 USD - $ 390.00 USD

    Citrino do Samba

    $ 390.00 USD

    Máxima Luxury

    $ 438.00 USD

    Liz Prata Reluzente

    $ 235.00 USD

    Esmeralda do Samba

    From $ 75.00 USD - $ 390.00 USD

    Samba com Amor Back Piece

    $ 390.00 USD

    Laranja Imperial Reluzente

    $ 235.00 USD

    Safira da Avenida

    $ 390.00 USD

    Sol na Avenida

    $ 390.00 USD

    Asas do Samba

    $ 359.00 USD

    Verde Amarelo do Samba

    $ 390.00 USD

    Faisão Luxo Samba Pink

    $ 850.00 USD

    Faisão Luxo Samba Azulão

    $ 850.00 USD

    Faisão Luxo Samba Vermelho

    $ 850.00 USD

    Confetti Costeiro

    $ 260.00 USD

    Turquesa, Roxo e Rosa do Samba

    $ 600.00 USD

    Rosas do Samba

    $ 360.00 USD

    Extrema Beleza Samba

    $ 410.00 USD

    Laranja Fogo Luxo Complete Samba Costume

    From $ 490.00 USD - $ 910.00 USD

    Colorido do Brazil

    From $ 260.00 USD - $ 390.00 USD

    Back Piece Only Apoteose Rio Fantasia Noturno

    From $ 510.00 USD - $ 1,400.00 USD

    Salmon Imperial

    $ 390.00 USD

    Plumas Rainha Maior

    $ 650.00 USD

    Pink Samba Majesty Set

    From $ 75.00 USD - $ 390.00 USD

    Roxo e Verde Maravilhoso

    $ 390.00 USD

    Beldade do Samba Carioca

    From $ 260.00 USD - $ 485.00 USD

    Liz Smith’s Luxury

    $ 510.00 USD

    Verde e Amarelo Brasil

    $ 390.00 USD

    Sensation Queen

    $ 1,350.00 USD

    Verde e Vermelho Tribal

    $ 390.00 USD

    Divina Princesa

    $ 420.00 USD

    Estrela Branca

    $ 390.00 USD

    Ambar Plumas

    $ 475.00 USD

    Angelica Asas

    $ 270.00 USD

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