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    One piece costumes are a complete samba costume that has the main body piece as a one piece. Generally it's covered like a body suit, having or not some parts of the torso exposed (like cutouts on the front or side). There are many variations of a one piece costume, so we selected the most popular styles. The costume will continue to have headpiece, neck piece, arm and leg accessories. We have noticed that some dancers prefers to have a more covered look, so we want to give you as much option as we can for this collection. Please note that most of our costumes takes 30-40 days to make. We might have in Brazil or California ready to ship costumes. Feel free to contact us.
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    Sempre Diva

    $ 420.00 USD

    Noite Azul Brilho

    $ 560.00 USD

    Apoteose Rio Fantasia Noturno

    From $ 259.00 USD - $ 1,300.00 USD

    Ruby da Avenida

    $ 510.00 USD

    Sumptuous Samba Crystal

    $ 639.00 USD

    Marisa Sparkler Luxury Cutout One Piece Samba Costume

    From $ 590.00 USD - $ 690.00 USD

    Bejeweled Fascination Complete Samba Costume

    From $ 180.00 USD - $ 850.00 USD

    Fogo da Avenida Rainha do Samba

    $ 790.00 USD

    Amarelo de Ouro Gem Queen

    $ 990.00 USD

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