Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    Here you will find a collection our most popular  arm and leg sambas sleeves made in Brazil that has been so far requested by our dancers. Most sleeves are made to be matched to your costume colors. Samba sleeves are used to add a beautiful addition to your costume. Some dancers use arm and leg sleeves to change their complete look. Sleeves are a gorgeous addition to your costume. Arm sleeves can be made in many lengths and even as a bolero as you see below. Bolero sleeves can be as long as up to the wrists, or short to your biceps/ Some upper body sleeves will be above your chest or near the top torso. Some "Bolero" sleeves are closed or open. Leg sleeves can me made short for lower legs, below or above knees and even as long as the hip line, to be attached to the bikini.

    If you see any arm and leg sleeves on any of our complete samba costume, then yes, we can make it. It is important that we make sure that all the materials are available in the market so that we can deliver the sleeves on a timely manner, so always check with us before placing an order. We can always work with a specific design you might have, however we can never duplicate a style that does not belong to our designer. You must trust our designer to come up with a similar style. Contact us if you have any questions on your requests.

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    Violeta Brazil Arm & Leg Set

    From $ 90.00 USD - $ 180.00 USD

    Azul Samba Arm & Leg Sleeve

    From $ 80.00 USD - $ 155.00 USD

    Roxo Sensation Brasil Arm & Leg Sleeves

    From $ 90.00 USD - $ 95.00 USD

    Beau Top & Leg Sleeves Princessa

    $ 179.00 USD

    Azul Royal Top & Leg Sleeves

    From $ 120.00 USD - $ 189.00 USD

    Adriana Brazil Arm & Leg Sleeves

    $ 169.00 USD

    Green Rio Samba Arm Sleeve

    $ 80.00 USD

    Preto Necklace & Bolero Sleeves

    From $ 70.00 USD - $ 150.00 USD

    Roxo Necklace & Arm Sleeves

    From $ 70.00 USD - $ 150.00 USD

    Laranja Samba High Leg & Arm Sleeve

    From $ 80.00 USD - $ 180.00 USD

    Salmon Samba Arm & Leg Sleeve

    From $ 80.00 USD - $ 140.00 USD

    Verde Bandeira Leg Sleeves

    $ 80.00 USD

    Rosa Intenso Leg Sleeves

    $ 80.00 USD

    Vermelho Leg Sleeves

    $ 80.00 USD

    Azul Claro Arm Sleeves Bolero Style

    $ 80.00 USD

    Amarelão Bolero & Leg Sleeves

    $ 179.00 USD

    Rosa Open Top, Arm & Leg Sleeves

    $ 247.00 USD

    Green, Black, Purple, Royal Blue, Arm Sleeves

    $ 80.00 USD

    Orange, Hot Pink, Blue, Baby Pink Arm Sleeves

    $ 80.00 USD

    Royal Blue Brazil Arm Sleeve with Choker, Leg Sleeves

    $ 190.00 USD

    Amarelo Brazil Arm & Leg Set

    $ 149.00 USD

    Verde Bandeira Brasil Samba Arm Sleeve

    $ 80.00 USD

    Fogo Samba High Arm & Leg Sleeve

    From $ 80.00 USD - $ 145.00 USD

    Vinho Samba Bolero

    $ 90.00 USD

    Lilás Samba High Leg & Arm Sleeve

    From $ 80.00 USD - $ 145.00 USD

    Verde Bandeira Samba Arm & Leg Sleeve

    From $ 80.00 USD - $ 140.00 USD

    Azul Royal Samba Bolero Arm Sleeves

    $ 80.00 USD

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