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What is my Brazil Shoe Size?


Don't worry, we will help you decide your Brazil size!

Read carefully below and contact us if you have any questions. 



21 cm size Brazil 33

22 cm size Brazil 34

23 cm size Brazil 35

24 cm size Brazil 36

25 cm size Brazil 37

26 cm size Brazil 38

26.5 cm size Brazil 39

27 cm size Brazil 40

28 cm size Brazil 41

29 cm size Brazil 42

30 cm size Brazil 43

31 cm size Brazil 44

E-mail us at info@brazilcarnivalshop.com if you have any questions!

To help you decide your Brazil size, please note these shoes size numbers above are the correspondent measurement in centimeters of each Brazil size. This means you will measure either an existing shoes you have and you will trace your feet. We will use your traced feet measurements and your most comfortable shoes to come up with YOUR Brazil shoe sizes.


If you think you have a THIN or THICK ankle, send us your measurement as the photo above. If you think your feet is wide or narrow, we need to know as well.

We are able to make wide shoes in some styles and suggest shoes for narrow feet.

If you are ordering boots or gladiator and you think you have a thin or thick calf, send us your measurements so we can discuss with the shoemaker. See above the photos on how to measure.

At times we can adjust the boots/gladiator to fit your measurements, however if your measurements falls within our average boots/gladiator sizes we will NOT custom make them. Typically our cobbler will custom make if the sizes are outside our guidelines. In any case, we will contact you and a FEE might apply.


It's best if you lay your feet down of a piece of paper and trace your feet. Have a friend help you trace if you can. After you do that, measure top to bottom of the feet with a RULER and notate the centimeters. See the photo above how we suggest.

We suggest you to measure both feet. It helps you make the right decision when choosing your Brazil size. Send us the feet measurements that has the bigger measurements. Please note we do not make half sizes, so you would be using the next size up, therefore the measurement is important.


We have many dancers who has already a dance shoes they liked or a dress shoes they like. We tend to say that we can use that pair of shoes to help decide your size. Try on both pairs of your most comfortable heel shoes. Now, place both feet together and look down. What do you notice of your toes? are they sticking out? Is it tight at times? Do they touch the edges? Is there a small gap between the toes and the edge? That's ideal! Shoes should not feet tight at all, they should snug your feet and feel free to move and wiggle your toes a bit is good.

We will use your traced feet measurements and your most comfortable shoes to come up with YOUR Brazil shoe sizes.

This means you will measure either an existing shoes you have - open toes or closed toes shoes.

Use a flexible, tape-like measuring tape (like the ones used in the garment industry). It's kind of tricky to measure with a flexible tape, use both hands to do that and use the middle of the insole to measure. See photo above. We usually have a friend help us measure as one is holding the shoes and the other is using both hands to flatten down the tape as you move downward. If you cannot have a helping hand, use a scotch-tape to tape the top of the tape at the edge of the heels and then slowly go smoothing down the flexible tape and use the scotch-tape to secure the flexible measuring tape in the middle...then smooth down the tape all the way to the edge...!


Tip of the toes should fall comfortably inside the open toe shoes, not outside, even if minimally in open toes. Toes should never stick out the shoes. So measurements are important.

In closed toes shoes, your toes should never be squeezed to the edge. Some clients have half sizes measurements, in that case we suggest that you get a bit bigger size for closed toes and you can purchase a silicone small edge insert (cobblers has them for sale).

In closed toes shoes, we suggest getting one size bigger than your open toes shoes, however depending on your measurements the size could be the same.

We will help you decide the size, however ultimately you need to make a final decision. Even if you placed your order, we will contact you to confirm your size since we do not accept returns for wrong sizes; only factory defects. Please note that if you have a wider feet or thin, extra thin feet and ankle, please advise us. Some shoes will simply not fit you. Consult with us prior to your purchase. Returns for factory defects only within 10 days of purchase and cannot be used.

Thank you !