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Samba is our passion... made in Brazil.

Trikini Costumes

Trikini costumes are slightly different than a regular bikini costume and has been a trend over the past 5 years in the samba world in Brazil. Generally speaking the trikini style, just like in dance wear styles, are linked on the sides. At times a trikini will look like a bikini, but when you look on the sides, the top of the bikini is connected to the bottom sides of the bikini. Some trikini costumes will have a bigger torso cutout. other times it will have a smaller cutout. Some trikini styles will cover the abdomen area but still have a cutout for the bikini wire frame. Please note that most of our costumes takes 30-40 days to make. We might have in stock in Brazil or California ready to ship costumes. Feel free to contact us.