Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    Here you will find a selection of closed toes samba shoes made in Brazil. We sell leather and non leather samba shoes. BrazilCarnivalShop works with most respected samba shoe cobblers in Brazil. It tooks us many years of trials and errors to find the best ones for you. Generally speaking our hand made shoes takes around 20-30 days to me made depending on the season. We do have many ready to ship shoes in Rio and sometimes in California. Our samba shoes are hand made by local samba shoes artisan that are highly respected among the samba community. We have all sorts of styles of shoes, from classic "Carmen Miranda" shoes to high end, luxury leather custom made shoes. This is a rare trade that is almost rare or extinct. Each pair is done with much care and attention to details. Our samba shoes are strictly made by hand, not by machine. This process is rooted in many decades of samba traditions on this trade. They have quality and trust and a vast experience in what samba dancers needs over the past 60 years. We know personally the shoemakers and its families. Our customer care and your needs is what we value most. Have a group order? Talk to us as we offer discounts over 7 pairs.
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    Rio Carnaval Closed Professional Samba

    From $ 98.00 USD - $ 119.00 USD

    Folia Sambista Paixão

    $ 120.00 USD

    Sapucai Sambista Divina

    From $ 98.00 USD - $ 119.00 USD

    Chevron Leather Samba Dance

    $ 170.00 USD

    Batucada Sambista Professional

    $ 119.00 USD

    Linda Sambista Fechado

    $ 140.00 USD

    Portela Classic Show Pumps

    From $ 98.00 USD - $ 120.00 USD

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