Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    We decided to make this collection after many customers where asking us if we had sparkling, glittering, glitzy, glam and special occasions outfits that evoked Brazil. Be it at the night club, fancy party, samba event with friends, party, gatherings or just to "light up the room" outfits, we wanted to get a collection that was fun and dazzling. We did not want to get away from our Brazil theme, so we made sure that what we are offering is as sparkling and radiant and our Brazilian culture. There is something for every budget and taste! Redefine your style with our collection!
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    Prata no Batuque

    $ 49.00 USD

    Dourada do Samba

    $ 79.00 USD

    Toda de Ouro

    $ 79.00 USD

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