Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    Looking for authentic made in Brazil back pieces wire frames? We have them! The wire frames can be orders to decorated or not. Some wire framed back pieces can be ordered just by showing us a feathered back piece. Our wire frame designers know how to make the structure, this is their specialty.

    We are excited that we made a great partnership with one of the most respected wire frame factory in Brazil. Our company strives to find you the best artists and craftsman that have a high rating on customer reviews. We have a wide range of samba/carnival customers that helps us make the right decision when finding a great partner to our store. These are companies that services the samba carnival industry and pageantry business with hand made wire frames. They can custom make any designs, just send to us your idea through our email 

    We can fabricate back pieces, headpieces, tiaras, bikini top frames, bracelets and leg cuffs. Do not hesitate to contact us for your complete costume needs. We specialize in bulk orders for your samba company. In general terms, from March to September is the slowest season on these small factories, therefore your orders are fabricated quicker. Carnival season will slow down your orders and the months of November through February is extremely busy for all the studios and factories in Brazil that services this industry, please keep that in mind.

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    Angelique Back Wing Half Moon

    $ 85.00 USD

    Borboleta Brasileira Costeiro

    $ 75.00 USD

    Super Asas Costeiro

    $ 75.00 USD

    Angel Brasil Costeiro

    $ 75.00 USD

    Arcos Costeiro

    $ 75.00 USD

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