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    • Confetti Costeiro
    • Confetti Costeiro
    • Confetti Costeiro
    • Confetti Costeiro
    • Confetti Costeiro
    • Confetti Costeiro
    • Confetti Costeiro

    Confetti Costeiro

    $ 260.00 USD

    Ready to ship from Brazil


    Need a back piece to accentuate your existing costume? Take advantage of this amazing price.

    We love how this back piece has the most colorful of colors! It’s a happy and joyful back piece that accents any bikini set or one piece you might have! You can’t go wrong! This is a rooster feather back piece with small duck feathers on the base. 

    Please note that on the description photos, you will see a mannequin with a headpiece as well. We are not selling on this product the headpiece. If you would like the headpiece follow this link:

    These back pieces are are READY TO SHIP FROM BRAZIL with impeccable quality and are not heavy. The stability and durability are said to be amazing.

    If you need a group order email us so we can calculate precisely the shipping quote!

    Most our custom made back pieces takes 30 days to make, so please plan according to your schedule and shipping times. Our designers have an immense experience in back pieces and are the designers to most divas, queens and respectable sambistas in Brazil and the world. Make sure you check our Instagram for some other examples or inspirations.

    General description our back pieces: 

    • Rooster feathers or feather choice as the photo of the back piece selected.
    • Rhinestones, glass stones, acrylic stones and embellishments.
    • Sturdy and durable wire frame structure.
    • Comfortable shoulder support.
    • "Swarovski" crystals optional, please inquire before placing the order,
    • Led lights are optional, prices changes.
    • Rhinestones can be silver based or gold based, so please select the correct choice.
    • Some feathers will be removable or not so let us know if you have a preference.
    • Some parts of the back wings can be made detachable so always discuss with us your needs.
    • If you need to add pheasants or any other type of feather to the back piece, please inquire.
    • We can add small feathered tips or not to the end of the feather
    • We can add or sprinkle stones to the feathers.

      Please inquire about matching headpiece and arm feathered pieces if needed. 

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