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Samba is our passion... made in Brazil.

Back Pieces, Back Packs, Costeiros

We have a variety of back pieces or "costeiros" as they are called in Brazil. We work with mainly 2 designers that can execute them extremely well and they are the top samba designers in Brazil.

Most of the styles below are show on a specific feather, however we can make any pieces below in any feather you wish. The most common feathers are rooster feathers, plumes, pheasants. We can also make in different materials such as goat's beard, artificial feathers. In general terms we ask that you send us your existing bikini costume so that we can match as best as we can the stone design.If you already have existing feathers on your costume, let's work around that and remember that we might not always find the exact tone/hue/color of that feather to execute the back piece. Keep that in mind. We will exhaust our vendors and ask them to match as close as possible your feather, if that is the case.

Most back pieces are made in mix of stones, crystals, and acrylics. The more expensive ones has Swarovski crystals. Some feathers can be added tiny crystals on its entire plumage. We welcome your design as well. Please remember that we also sell just the wire frame structure if you just need that.

Typically we can make a back feathered piece in 2-4 weeks, depending on how busy we are. Please inquire with us our schedule, we do not work around your schedule, so please plan accordingly plus remember there is shipping time,that can be from 9-12 business days or 15-23 business days. We are not responsible for customs and border patrol inspections and delays in your country.