Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    Here you will find a vast collection of handmade samba shoes.
    Please note that there is a handful of shoemaker/cobblers that are specific to samba shoes, a trade that is more and more extinct as the new generations are not picking up this trade anymore. Being that said, our shoes are taking an average of 30-40 business days to make. Our leather shoes takes less time, average of 20 days.
    Please keep that in mind if you have a specific venue or show to attend. Keep in mind the shipping time and any delays it may occur. 
    We work with BRAZIL SIZE and EUROPEAN, we indicate which ones in each shoe product.
    These are shoes with re-enforced soles for higher dance impact and comfort.
    Use this link to get your BRAZIL SHOE SIZE:
    We cannot work with customer's due date of a specific show or venue for the shoes to be ready, however we will try our best to expedite your order if you notate or email us.
    If you need READY MADE SAMBA SHOES we have them so please contact us.
    Some are 100% leathers, others are not. We indicate which ones are leather.
    E-Mail us with specific questions you might have!
    Our shoes can be custom made to your costumes with beads, acrylic and crystals!
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    Wonder Samba Long Length Boots

    $ 145.00 USD

    Wonder Samba Boots

    $ 139.00 USD

    Combate Samba Boots

    $ 149.00 USD

    Power Samba Boots

    $ 149.00 USD

    Samba Love Tall Boots

    $ 149.00 USD

    Majestic Tallest Samba Boots

    $ 140.00 USD

    Brasileira do Samba - Leather

    $ 190.00 USD

    Glamorosa Samba Boots

    $ 149.00 USD

    Sempre Linda Samba-Leather

    $ 230.00 USD

    Batuque do Samba

    $ 159.00 USD

    Poder do Samba

    $ 159.00 USD

    Sublime na Avenida - Leather

    $ 280.00 USD

    Rainha de Bateria - Leather

    $ 290.00 USD

    Estrela Máxima Leather

    $ 449.00 USD

    Divíssima - Leather

    $ 348.00 USD

    Carmen Prata

    $ 89.00 USD

    Ouro Puro Rainha

    $ 180.00 USD

    Super Crystal Divina

    $ 180.00 USD

    Imperial Sublime Ouro

    $ 180.00 USD

    Glitter do Samba!

    $ 98.00 USD

    Glitter Carnaval Brasil

    $ 89.00 USD

    Glitter Botinha Curta Samba

    $ 103.00 USD

    Gloriosa Imperatriz Longa!

    $ 179.00 USD

    Beleza Maxima do Samba

    $ 149.00 USD

    Divinidade do Samba

    $ 149.00 USD

    Bela Poderosa do Samba

    $ 124.00 USD

    Power Passista

    $ 155.00 USD