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    Bonito na Avenida

    $ 279.00 USD



    Looking for a perfect all eyes on you Brazil male look? This is a beautiful extremely well made complete look that we can taylor to your color needs.

    Note on the stones, materials: When we are making a new costume and we need to purchase rhinestone thread, small beads and overall material, we might not find the exact same shape and size of these materials as the original photo you selected. The designer might have a the designer goes to re-purchase these materials in the local carnival supplier, the exact size and shape might not be available. That's the nature of the costume making, specially during carnival season which is from October to February. These are all 100% hand made, artisan craftsman. They are not manufactured in a production speedy way.

    For Men this look comes with:

    • Cropped Shirt
    • Fringed pants and belt

    Questions on this product? Email us!

    It takes 2-3 weeks to make this costume.

      The pants are made of a polyester, with back pockets, in Brazil these types of polyester pants are called Oxfords.

      This is traditional men's samba look!!

      In Brazil a size SMALL would be size 38, a size MEDIUM 40-42, a size Large 46 and above. Our sizes are an average size. If you have questions, please email us, thank you!

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