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    Brasil Franjas Brilho

    $ 240.00 USD

    Top Fringes
    Bottom Fringes


    This is another gorgeous two piece set with a Brazil look if you wish or add your preferred fringe colors. We use only Swarovski crystals and the best high end material in the market. These fringes look are such a hit now, and it will stay for a very long time in the samba world. It adds so much movement, so eye-catching.

    This is a true "passista" outfit that is made to last. This Lycra body is designed for you samba professional dancer. It's fun, comfortable and sparkly.

    • We can make any color you wish, just email us so we can work with you.
    • Bust line and waist line decorated with abundant beautiful small, medium and large crystal beads.
    • Comes with a pair of decorated cuffs and necklace.
    • Top closes on the back, like a bra, with hooks.
    • Stone work is glued, not sewn. This is an extremely super powerful glue specific to stones. It will only come off if you literally rip stone out.
    • We can also make group orders and the prices low significantly.

    Note about the fringes: Fringes are sold in Brazil in many colors. Some colors are naturally their true color. Others fringe colors to achieve another desired hue, or tone, needs to be tinted or dyed. Said that, when we dye and existing color, and add another color, the fringe to the touch is less soft than the original "virgin", or true color. So let's say you want a deep purple. Well, they will probably get the pink and add more blue dyes to achieve purple or even more red...This makes the original "pink", less soft to touch. So there is a slight difference to the touch.The natural fringes falls down in a more "straight down" effect, the tinted or dyed fringes are less straight, but still achieves the same look. This is just a disclosure so that you as a customer knows exactly what you are getting and can make the best choice. The colors listed below on the variants are natural colored fringes. Don't see your color? Please e-mail us so we can check availability!

    These are the natural fringes colors available: Black, White, Brazil Flag Green, Lime Bright Green, Yellow Gold, Orange, Light Pink, Lilac, Royal Blue, Light Baby Blue, Grey.

    Any other color other than above will be dyed.

    Before we start any costume or dress we will be making, we will ask for your measurements!

    This designer works for many samba schools in Rio and São Paulo and professional samba dancers in the entire Brazil and abroad. We recommend dry cleaning always. Hems are impeccable and hand made. Perfect for a diva, queen, passista who needs to rehearse before pre carnaval parade show time and has to be dressed to kill in these eye-catching dance outfits. We accept CUSTOM MADE orders, please send us an email at

    **It takes from 10-15 days to make this outfit plus shipping time to your country, please plan according to your schedule! If we can make it in a less amount of time, we will email you right away after the costume is ordered. We understand you need this right away and we will work with our designer to deliver your costumes on time! We do accept rush orders, please email us so we can quote the designers and their team! Before we start any dress, we will will communicate with you on your measurements.We might have this style ready to ship too.

    We will gladly answer any of your questions related to this product!

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