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    • Mangueira Sun & Moon Samba Complete 10 Piece Costume - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Mangueira Sun & Moon Samba Complete 10 Piece Costume - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Mangueira Sun & Moon Samba Complete 10 Piece Costume - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Mangueira Sun & Moon Samba Complete 10 Piece Costume - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Mangueira Sun & Moon Samba Complete 10 Piece Costume - BrazilCarnivalShop

    Mangueira Sun & Moon Samba Complete 10 Piece Costume

    $ 190.00 USD

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    This is a gorgeous 10 piece complete costume with beautiful colors of greens, and pinks. This is a high impact ultra shine and sparkle costume.Your color choice custom made is possible.

    Please note we never duplicate one costume like the other. So if you see a photo here, the final product will be and it's expected to be slightly different. Wire frames are never 100% duplicated. Sizes, shapes and color of stones can never be found 100% the same at the same store. So keep in mind that while ordering. We expect the designers to advise us if a tone of feather is missing or if a color and shape of stone is out of stock, but this scenario not always happens. In general terms we ask the designers to keep us posted. We always send you photos before we ship so that at least a visual approval can be done.

    When we duplicate a costume not always that specific hue/tone of feathers, satin bikini base, felt, Lycra and Lycra pattern will be available for purchase (***color feather availability in Brazil is very seasonal) so the designer will use the next available hue closest to this original tone. If that happens they will contact us before they purchase a feather. If we cannot find that type of Lycra pattern we will communicate before we proceed. Also, we can never duplicate a costume 100%. A different stone shape and size, rhinestone thread, small beads and overall pattern of the photo above might look slightly different. That's the nature of the costume making. The designers do not keep a sample of each costume, they are going by photo, memory and availability of material. All 100% hand made, artisan craftsman. They are not manufactured. So do not expect the costume to be a mirror image of the photo above. We will however come as close as possible and you must trust the designer's taste, after all these are Brazilian costume makers with an incredible amount of experience in color making. We usually ask them to keep us in the loop of what is going on the entire process making of your costume, but they are not always available, and will only send us photo at the end. We usually send you a photo when the costume is complete, so please keep an open mind.

    • Embellished with different sizes of stones, acrylics, crystal and rhinestone threads.
    • Hand made
    • Beautiful bikini top and bottom with dangling crystals and fringes.
    • Fits most small & medium sizes.
    • Easily regulated with side hooks on the bottom bikini sides and back bra hooks.
    • We can make any color that you wish!
    • 10 pieces includes: 1 Headdress, 1 neck piece, 2 high arm pieces, 2 cuff bracelets, 1 bikini top, 1 bikini bottom, leg cuffs
    • Note: We will never duplicate 100% a costume. The designer will substitute as she thinks its necessary a stone shape, size. Overall the costume will have the same flair and look, close as possible to the wire frame designs, but certain wire frames design and embellishments and pattern/layout could be different. We do not wish you to have the same costume as another dancer. Stone sizes, shapes and rhinestone work might be different as not always they can replicate or find the same exact stone as the photo. Please keep that in mind.

    This is a true "samba" costume that is made to last. Hand made by a professional carnaval studio in Rio, this costume is designed for you samba professional dancer. It is fabricated with the best quality material, hand made with hand sewn stones, strass and "crystals" of various colors and sizes.

    This designer works for many samba schools in Rio and São Paulo and professional samba dancers in the entire Brazil. We recommend dry cleaning always. We accept CUSTOM MADE orders, please send us an email at

    **It takes from 3 weeks to make this costume for future custom made orders plus shipping time to your country, please plan according to your schedule! If we can make it in a less amount of time, we will email you right away after the costume is ordered. We understand you need this right away and we will work with our designer to deliver your costumes on time! We do accept rush orders, please email us so we can quote the designers and their team! Before we start any dress, we will will communicate with you on your measurements.

    We will gladly answer any of your questions related to this product!

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