Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    • Men's Samba Vest - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Men's Samba Vest - BrazilCarnivalShop

    Men's Samba Vest

    $ 138.00 USD



    This is a typical men's samba vest, made in Brazil with hand applied/glued acrylic crystals and rhinestones. There are 3 main sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Pair it with one of our sparkly men's samba jacket, shirt, suspenders, and pants and you are ready to look a Brazilian Men's samba dancer. Most men will use it with no under shirt.

    Choose either scattered crystals or geometrical design.

    The crystals are not too much, but enough to look like a professional sambista. It's nicely scattered to have an elegant look.

    This is traditional men's samba look!!

    In Brazil a size SMALL would be size 38, a size MEDIUM 40-42, a size Large 46 and above. If you want to send us your measurements we can check against our jackets, but we do not custom make jackets. Our sizes are an average size.

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