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    • Salmon Samba Arm & Leg Sleeve

    Salmon Samba Arm & Leg Sleeve

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    Samba sleeves are called in Brazil "Polainas" (leg warmers) or "Manguinhas de samba" (samba sleeves). Most samba dancers will have a collection of these pieces to accentuate or add on to their existing costume. It's a beautiful way to gracefully show your arm routine and leg routine as the sleeves are added by crystals and embellished carefully, adding each stone by hand. Some more elaborate costume are done with a transparent mesh-like fabric with tiny little added crystals. This is a typical Brazilian accessory that has been lasting for many years. Some have cut-outs and embellished around them, others extend towards the fingers, like a glove like style. It varies!

    The photo shows BACK & FRONT of the leg sleeve with zipper and the middle sleeve (with cut-outs) is the arm sleeves that is a one piece product that goes on each arm and it goes on the back/neck. It is not 2 pieces.

    We ask that you LEAVE your shoulder to wrist measurements.

    If you want to send us your arm photo that is great. If you think you have a super skinny or stronger arm circumference, let us know!

    Some of the styles can be custom made to have lace with lycra, lycra cirret or a specific fabric the dancer needs for her show. This designer works for many samba schools in Rio and São Paulo and professional samba dancers in the entire Brazil. Perfect for a diva, queen and passistas to use as an accent to their existing costumes. We accept CUSTOM MADE orders, please send us an email at

    **It takes from 2-4 weeks to make this costume plus shipping time to your country, please plan according to your schedule! If we can make it in a less amount of time, we will email you right away after the costume is ordered. We understand you need this right away and we will work with our designer to deliver your costumes on time! We do accept rush orders, please email us so we can quote the designers and their team!

    We will gladly answer any of your questions related to this product!









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