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Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

Product Image Visit Samba School & Dance with Team Egili

Visit Samba School & Dance with Team Egili

$ 370.00 USD

The Rio Samba schools are more like associations or samba clubs that represents an area of Rio de Janeiro, or neighborhoods. Months before the actual parade, these samba schools will start practicing or rehearsing for the grand day: the samba parade. These are usually "designated" days during the week, and you will get to practice and chant their samba theme.

Each year we notice that these "schools" are becoming more and more sophisticated depending on the samba schools. Most of them have a small fee for entrance, others offer a "package" or "booth" with drinks included or VIP areas to see the rehearsal from above. Typically these rehearsals will have their samba godmothers, divas and muses, as well as the entire "cast" or "community" of that samba schools. from the revelers to the drummers. Team Egili will introduce you to her community and you get to meet a little bit of her world, however you are free to wonder and be on your own and meet other sambistas!

You will get to meet directors and even samba and TV local celebrities. This is a perfect place to practice samba. You get to samba on the dance floor, side by side with just about everyone who has a love and passion for that school. Most visitors or those part of that samba community will be using the "colors" of the club, as well as you will see the decor of the school in the colors of the samba school flag.

There are specific calendar days that they will do a "special lunch" venue, like "Feijoada" day (black bean festival) with lot's of food, meet, beer etc. The fun never ends!!

It's an amazing, energetic, loud and true samba roots that you will never have anywhere in the world, only in Rio and São Paulo. These "clubs" are huge organization or corporations with presidents, vice presidents, treasurers and an array of sub divisions that makes this institution flow all year round. You will be surprised to meet your favorite drummer, meet the carnival designer, or simply practice samba next to a diva. 

This experience will include:

  • Visit 4 samba schools in one week, during 4 days.
  • We will visit "São Clemente", "Salgueiro", "Mangueira", and "Beija-Flor".
  • Transportation to the samba school is included. There is a curfew to get back to your hotel, however if you wish to stay beyond the pick-up/return time, you may do so at your own.
  • Meet and greet the samba celebrities, take photos, dance to live music.
  • São Clemente : Tuesday 
  • Portela : Wednesday
  • Beija-Flor :Thursday 
  • Salgueiro e Mangueira :Saturday 
  • FEBRUARY days: 8-9-10-11-15-16-17-18-19

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