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    Brazil Carnival Shop is owned and run by the owners of Brazil Carnival Ooah!, the world’s largest content site in English devoted for the Brazilian and Rio de Janeiro Carnival. We are established in Rio de Janeiro and have a branch abroad. We started 6 years ago with the sole objective to educate Carnival and Samba lovers all over the world, so everybody could understand in depth the history and main aspects of this gigantic Brazilian popular expression. Only later, after so many requests, we decided to open an e-commerce site, so both our readers and carnival lovers could actually find items related to this culture and Brazil itself. Apart from the website, we also produce Carnival videos, in our You Tube channel, Brazilcarnivalcombr, which has more than 17 million video views and 437+ uploaded videos.

    We truly wanted to make sure our samba and carnival fans all over the world understood the carnival culture and community before they actually bought anything related to this culture. This way, customers could get a grip of what the carnival experience was all about and what it really means for us Brazilians.

    Brazil Carnival Shop now arrives as a complimentary business. Here, customers from all over the world will be able to find exclusive Carnival costumes, samba wear, authentic samba-school t-shirts, jerseys; sandals and high heels used by samba dancers, as well as luxurious jewelry and accessories related to the carnival industry in Brazil. Our desire is to make sure you feel at home, prior to your visit to Brazil, or participation in any outdoor festival that relates to this atmosphere. We want to make sure you have the authentic “look and feel” of the Brazilian lively spirit. Our partners and suppliers are all committed to the artistic culture of carnival and are proud to develop exclusive collections to this project. In the name of all of our contributors, I welcome you to visit our e-commerce website who embodies the vibrant, popular, eccentric, and lively spirit present at this grandiose festivity;

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