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    • Cachos Abertos Crown - BrazilCarnivalShop
    • Cachos Abertos Crown - BrazilCarnivalShop

    Cachos Abertos Crown

    $ 70.00 USD



    Looking for a made in Brazil wire frame design? We have it now! Hand made by a small wire frame factory in Brazil with more than 19 years of trust & experience in the samba, pageantry and costume making community.

    Please note that every crown we make comes with a removable feather or plumage insert. You may notice on the photo a black small tube. That is where the insert will go. This is a great way to easily remove your feathers for not only easy transportation but change the colors of feathers and types of feather. If you wish not to have this accessory please notate the order.

    • Lightweight
    • Made in Brazil
    • Braised soldered joints
    • Galvanized wire
    • Bendable
    • Some styles can be decorated with rhinestones and crystals.
    • Some styles are unfinished and unpainted, others will have a gold finish.
    • Add your own rhinestones, crystals, sequin, gems, feathers, fabric if you purchase unfinished wire frames.
    • We can custom make to your own design, please inquire.
    • If you need them to be added crystals and complete embellishments such as feathers we can send to any of our trusted designer.

    Shipping is around $55 because the factory in Brazil has to fit the wire frame in a larger, secure box.

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