Samba is our passion, made in Brazil.

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    • Medusa Serpent Queen Diva
    • Medusa Serpent Queen Diva
    • Medusa Serpent Queen Diva
    • Medusa Serpent Queen Diva
    • Medusa Serpent Queen Diva
    • Medusa Serpent Queen Diva

    Medusa Serpent Queen Diva

    $ 995.00 USD



    Beautiful and carefully detailed Samba Costume fit for a queen. Flattering to so many bodytypes, this body suit fits your body like a glove and provides the perfect amount of glamour and style. Made of nylon mesh to match your skin tone, hundreds of rhinestones cover the bodysuit, along with custom 'serpent' appliques hanging off the hips to provide movement and color. Mesh sleeves act like an invisible glove covered in teardrop and NRD High Shine rhinestones, to give the illusion your arm is literally wrapped in rhinestones.

    Beautiful welded bra base is covered in individual serpent appliques and provides the utmost in support and comfort while dancing or performing. Wired appliques come upward off the bra and mold in place support all cleavage types.

    Massive and impress Medusa Mohawk will impress your audience, with hundreds of Ringneck Pheasant and Lady Amherst (30-40') and countless 'serpents' climbing upward and out. Additionally, hundreds of rhinestones encrust not only the base of the head piece but also each individual feather, providing the maximum in shine and beauty. The mohawk style Samba Headress is famously showcased in Samba competions in Brazil and beyond. It allows for tons of body movement and free style dancing without being encumbered by a backpiece or arm pieces that may move or fall off. The base, as always with Candia Designs, is created with a combination of spot welding and soldering, to ensure it fits to your head and stays there!

    ** Boots are recommended for this costume.

    This costume can be customized to fit any color scheme of your desired costume. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your custom design plus shipping to your country. 

    Happy Dancing!



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